Top 10 Security Tips for Home During Holidays | Mr. Mr. Locksmith™ Blog

Top 10 Security Tips for Home During Holidays | Mr. Locksmith™ Blog For further info go to Mr. Locksmith™. Hi, I’m Terry Whin-Yates from Mr. Locksmith™. I have the Top 10 security tips to secure your home during the holiday season. 1- Lock Your Doors 2- Lights, leave the TV on 3- Mail 4- Newspapers/Flyers, […]

3 Best Outdoor Security Cameras

Thinking about installing an outdoor security camera? These article will introduce you to a number of popular outdoor security cameras, such as: ADT, Foscam and Loftek cameras. Below are 3 best outdoor security cameras: ADT Camera ADT offers the OCR-810 day/night wireless security camera, compatible with the company’s Pulse home automation package. The ADT Pulse® package provides […]

5 Tips for Keeping Your Home Secure While on Vacation

Rushing out the door to begin enjoying a vacation can cause people to overlook several easy ways to ensure their homes will be protected. Luckily, we’ll discuss 5 tips for keeping your home secure while on vacation. Read On! Keep your entryway clean If solicitors are regularly leaving materials at your door or in your […]

Mr. Locksmith™ is an ABLOY® Protec Authorized Dealer

Mr. Locksmith™ is an ABLOY® Protec Authorized Dealer. For further information go to Mr. Locksmith In keeping with our tradition of offering the highest level of security to commercial and residential locations, Mr. Locksmith™ is an authorized Canada dealer for ABLOY® Protec locking systems. About Abloy: Originating in 1907, Abloy is well known throughout the world […]

Why every one needs a High Security Deadbolt

Cheap locks simply does not protect your home from burglars. This home was broken into by force entering through the front door. Mr. Locksmith was called after the fact to fix the door and install a high security deadbolt  

How to Prevent the Summertime Break-In

How to Prevent the Summertime Break-In In recent years Vancouver has earned the title of ‘Canada’s most dangerous city.’ Yet in Canada, violence is not typically associated with home invasions. Despite this, the threat of home invasion is very real and very scary. During the summer months, Locksmiths see an exponential rise in crime. Criminal […]

BBB and BC Crime Prevention unveils Top 10 scams “Fraudulent and Unlicensed Locksmiths in Vancouver”

Avoid Fraudulanet and Unlicensed Locksmiths use only BC Licensed Locksmiths. Mr. Locksmith is a Professional Licensed Locksmith company (B4227) servicing Vancouver, Downtown Vancouver and the Lower Mainland.

How to Rekey a Schlage SecureKey Deadbolt by Mr. Locksmith

How to Rekey a Schlage SecureKey Deadbolt by Mr. Locksmith in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Terry Whin-Yates 3rd Generation Locksmith.

Don’t be a Victim of a Burglary During the Holidays

In this blog Mr. Locksmith discusses some of the increased security risks associated with the holiday season, and provides valuable security warnings and helpful hints into season-specific theft prevention.

The Emperior has No Clothes or Weiser / Kwikset Smart Key Lock has a Security Flaw

Last night I was called to an apartment building in Burnaby to open a door for the condo owner who was locked out. Stu, the condo owner showed me his Drivers License to prove he lived there and when I observed his door had a Weiser Kwikset Smart Key lock. I told him about the […]