Gun Safes

Gun Safes

More Than Just for Guns, store your firearms but also other valuables (camera/video gear, collectibles, jewelry, watches, etc.)

  • Fire Resistant Gun Safe.
  • Quality LaGard High Security Electronic Lock.
  • Cannot be defeated/opened by any magnet (even my rare earth hockey puck magnet.
  • 7x 1 1/2 inch diameter moving locking bolts.
  • Pre-drilled for anchoring to the floor.
  • Anchoring hardware included.
  • Upholstered adjustable interior.
  • Hardplate (tough to drill)
  • 3 Deadbolts’

Getting a PAL or RPAL gun license in Canada a gun owner needs to address the issue of firearms storage. The best solution for the safe storage of firearms is a Gun Safe.

Gun safes definitely keep your firearms more secure than most other storage systems, keeping both curious children and criminals from having ready and easy access to your guns. Secondly, they are the unadulterated best chance you have at not being charged with a criminal offence yourself, as the ambiguous wording of the criminal code regarding firearms storage leaves so much open to interpretation that a gun safe is the last truly unassailable storage solution available to most.

Firearm Safe Storage

The RCMP’s definitions of “safe storage of a firearm” and provided by the Canadian Firearms Program is a non-restricted firearm must either be trigger locked, or locked inside a “cabinet, container, or room that is difficult to break into.” Restricted firearms must be trigger locked and locked inside a similarly defined apparatus. Conversely, both non-restricted and restricted firearms can simply be locked within “a vault, safe, or room that was built or modified specifically to store firearms.” Seeing as the latter definition invites much less ambiguity than “difficult to break into,” a gun safe is the safer option, legally.

However, while any gun safe protects you from criminal charges, not any gun safe will protect you from criminals. Like the firearms they’re built to protect, gun safes come in all shapes and sizes, and are designed to thwart a multitude of threats. Generally speaking though, conventional floor safes can be broken down into two categories: Security / Burglary safes and fire safes. Within these categories, some security safes may employ measures to ensure a high degree of fire safety, and vice versa, but by and large each safe can be lumped into one category or another.

Terry Whin-Yates favorite Gun Safe:

Mr. Locksmith Gun Safe 24 Gun Capacity

Price:  $1630.00
Outside Size: 27.5″ X 24″ X 18.5″
Inside Size: 23″ X 21.25″ X 11.25″
Weight: 265 lbs


Mr. Locksmith GS5939H-E 39 Gun Capacity

Price:  $2340.00
Outside Size: 59″ X 39″ X 24″
Inside Size: 54″ X 35.5″ X 17″
Weight: 980 Pounds

Mr. Locksmith E3O-BS

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