Medical Alert Systems, Alarms & Monitoring

Today’s aging population now has the ability to stay in their own homes, when using a personal response system for emergencies, and medical alert alarms which allow them to receive an immediately response any time of the day or night. Senior medical alerts provide a level of safety and security, not only for the person who is infirm, but their children as well.

Giving an elderly person access to a medical alert system, means more people are able to stay in their own homes, lead a more independent life and relieve the stress on their children.

At Mr. Locksmith our medical alarm systems are monitored and can be worn in a number of different ways. These include:

  • Around the neck as a pendant.
  • A bracelet on the wrist.
  • A clip-on for a belt.

These allow for independent living inside the home. When you have an emergency, no matter where you are in your home, simply press the button and help is immediately on its way.  When the medical alert button is pressed, a signal is immediately sent to a central monitoring centre. This signal uses your telephone line and when received, the monitoring station immediately calls to assess your status. If help is required emergency services are immediately sent to your residence.

Today’s seniors and those recovering from an injury or operation are susceptible to accidents and falls in the home. With this medical alert system, help can be there in minutes. Families love the convenience of a medical alarm device and know that their family member will be looked after should an emergency occur.

Mr. Locksmith will provide you with a medical alert system to suit your needs, install it, and ensure it is operating properly. We’ll also provide instructions on how to use it should the need arise. The one thing children of aging parents love, is the peace of mind they gain knowing their loved one has access to immediate help.

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