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Mr. Locksmith Security Systems

Home Security SystemsMr. Locksmith now offers a complete line of security systems to protect you, your home and your business. These include:

  • Burglar Alarm Systems – Designed to protect you, your valuable belongings and sensitive information. We use high quality components, which are wireless, easy to install and to maintain.
  • Medical Alert Alarms – Providing peach of mind to seniors and people with special medical conditions. Our medical alarm systems allow people to live an independent life without fear, and with the peace of mind of knowing that they are never alone.
  • Life Safety Alarms – Protect you and your family from potential harm due to deadly carbon monoxide or fire in your home. These devices send signals directly to a central monitoring centre.
  • 24/7 Alarm Monitoring Services – Monitors what is happening on your premises, in accordance with your instructions, and coordinates an immediate response.

We have a variety of packages which will suit your needs and budget. The detectors used in our alarms systems, are part of critical life-safety elements found in an integrated security system.

At Mr. Locksmith Security, we offer high-quality detectors, which are available in battery-operated or wireless styles, with 24/7 monitoring. This ensures that you are receiving the most reliable, convenient and cost-effective solution. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Wireless smoke detectors.
  • Carbon-monoxide detectors.
  • Natural gas detectors.
  • Flood detectors.

Other products can be added to your system and include:

  • Panic buttons.
  • Sirens.
  • Strobe lights.

Choosing a competent company to provide you with a security system is an important part of having any system installed. Mr. Locksmith’s professionals are qualified to help you understand the different security devices available to you, and understand what each security system offers. Statistics show, that homes without a security system have a higher incidence of break-ins, than those with a full security layout.

At Mr. Locksmith we service clients who need home protection, business protection and consult with large corporations. This gives us an in-depth understanding and years of experience dealing with every type of security system available in today’s marketplace.

Our Service Guarantee

Mr. Locksmith guarantees you’ll be serviced by top professionals in the security business, 24 / 7 and 365 days a year. We’ll ensure you have the highest level of security for your home or business, the best service when needed, and ensure you have a detailed understanding of everything your security system offers.

Choosing a Security System

At Mr. Locksmith we make sure, that the security system you choose, offers you the best protection possible. We’ll install and test it ourselves to make sure everything is in working order, and you have a full understanding of how to use it. We’ll help you choose the right security system for your needs, and install it in the correct locations inside your home or business.

Our knowledgeable professionals constantly stay on top of changes in the security systems business. Our professionals deal with unique requirements which are needed in:

  • Older homes.
  • Newly constructed homes.
  • High-rise condos.

No matter what level of technology your home or business requires, we have security professionals who will make sure you get the right security system to meet your building’s requirements.

You can expect our professional security system installers to visit your home, assess your needs with you, help you choose the right system, and then install the best security system to protect everyone.