How to Rekey a Kwikset Key-in-Knob Lock | Mr. Locksmith Video

How to Rekey a Kwikset Key-in-Knob Lock | Mr. Locksmith Video. Go to to learn more. The Kwikset Key-in-Knob Lock is extremely popular in the US and since Kwikset bought out Wesier Lock in Canada it will become more popular too across Canada. Not a secure lock and very easy to pick and lots of easy […]

How to Open a Weiser Smart Key Lock with a Key Blank

Since the Weiser Smart Key Locks and the Kwikset Smart Key locks locksmiths have been defeating the locks with ease with little or no sign of damage.  Several manufacturers sell tools to open the Smart Key locks in seconds. Also, Smart Key defeats are available for sale on the Internet.  The major problem is with […]

The Emperior has No Clothes or Weiser / Kwikset Smart Key Lock has a Security Flaw

Last night I was called to an apartment building in Burnaby to open a door for the condo owner who was locked out. Stu, the condo owner showed me his Drivers License to prove he lived there and when I observed his door had a Weiser Kwikset Smart Key lock. I told him about the […]