3 Important Security Tips for College Students

Being on a college campus is fun but it’s also easy to gain a false sense of security and feeling of safety when surrounded by your peers. Continue reading to learn about 3 important tips to remember for college students.

Image Source: Flickr
Image Source: Flickr

Lock Your Door
College dorms are configured and regulated to create the safest environment. However, there are still potentials for break-ins and burglaries. Remind your college student that his or her dorm should always be locked whenever he or she leaves, whether it’s for a shower, a quick run to the vending machine or anything else. Laptops and other valuables are easily grabbed and anyone who looks like a typical college student can easily leave the building. It may be beneficial to invest in a computer lock to better secure the essential device against would-be thieves. Source: ProtectYourHome

Leave Your Valuables Cautiously
Burglaries and petty thefts are some of the most common crimes students face on campus, so international students should always make keeping their valuables secure a priority. If you’ve set up a temporary work desk in the library, it may seem like a drag to think about packing everything into your bag again when you want to go for a bathroom break. But resist the urge to leave your personal items lying around on the table.
Laptop and phone thefts are incredibly common in campus libraries, so either study with a friend who can watch your valuables when you need to take a break or be prepared to pack everything back into your backpack. Source: USNews

Use the Buddy System
What this means is that you should never walk alone. There is power in numbers; the larger your group, the lesser your chance of being attacked. This precaution should be particularly observed at night and whenever you need to walk past silent or desolated places. When returning from reading sessions or church services at night, make sure you walk in group. The greater the number of people you walk with; the better and safer for you. However, you should not use this principle as excuse to join a campus cult or gang; as there is no safety or protection in them. Source: ExpertSecurityTips

While the threat of danger may not always be your first assumption, it’s important to be prepared. For more information contact us now!

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