3 Signs of a Security System Scam

Security systems can be more confusing than you might expect. Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference between a quality system and one that should never be relied on to protect your home and family.  This post will help by discussing 3 signs of security system scams that you should be aware of.

Image Source: Flickr
Image Source: Flickr

Some of the best things in life are free, but that doesn’t apply to home security systems. Many of these home security salesmen will tell you that there is a “small” monthly monitoring fee. This fee is usually about $35 to $55. There is also typically a contract involved. Should you decide to sign up, but then change your mind later, you will be hit with a big cancellation fee.  Some companies also attempt to tack on other “administrative” fees once they’ve hooked you in. In the end, this “free” system could end up costing you thousands of dollars.  Source: Wafflesatnoon

Sales Tactics
They may make a time-limited offer, and claim that you need to act now. For example, they may try to get you to sign a contract by telling you that the equipment is “free.” More than likely, strings are attached. For example, to get your “free” alarm, you may have to sign a long-term and expensive system monitoring contract.
They may pressure their way into your home and then refuse to leave. It is not impolite or rude to tell a salesperson you’re not interested. It’s much easier — and safer — to say “no” on the doorstep than to try to get the salesperson to leave once they’re inside. If a salesperson continues to pressure you after you’ve asked them to leave, call the police.
They may use scare tactics. For example, they may talk about a rash of supposed burglaries in your neighborhood.  Source: ConsumerInformation

Unscrupulous sales agents imply that they’re from your existing security company and that they need to “upgrade” or “replace” your current system. Their goal: To pressure you into signing a new monitoring contract, at inflated prices and with a five-year term or longer. Victims who sign these deals often find they can’t get out of the contract without paying a penalty.
Scammers may claim that your original system installer has gone out of business and that they’ve taken over the contracts. Their goal: To convince you to buy new equipment and sign new contracts again, at a higher price and long-term lock-in. Source: ConsumerReports

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