Ask Mr. Locksmith Mechanical Deadbolt vs Electronic Deadbolt?

Ask Mr. Locksmith Mechanical Deadbolt vs Electronic Deadbolt?: Keyless locks are great and are actually getting to be more common on residential places. It’s probably because they are so handy and you don’t have to worry about keys! However, Mechanical Deadbolts provide superior security and are more difficult against forced entry.

Ask Mr. Locksmith: Mechanical Deadbolt vs Electronic Deadbolt?


Hi I am Terry and this is Ask Mr. locksmith I get asked all the times what is more secure a keyless electronic lock or a keyed lock. The proper deadbolts with a key or the electronic locks that are deadbolts.  The electronic locks are excellent. They are more of a convenience and one of you just punch in your button numbers and it opens it up. Some if not most of them have a key override in the bottom. If you have a keyless lock and if your batteries go dead or you forget the combination you can have the key open the lock.

High Security Deadbolts

If you have the key the deadbolt or the same price as your electronic locks. If you bought a good high quality deadbolt or one of the High Security deadbolts like Medeco, Abloy, etc. that are pick resistant drill resistant, dollar for dollar the deadbolt and the High Security deadbolt is more secure against burglaries, kicking attempts and picking than the keyless lock.

Best Keyless Entry Door Lock

The advantage the keyless locks have over the deadbolts is the feature I love the most is it will lock automatically. After one minute or four minutes, depending upon your make and model it could be ten minutes, the electronic lock can lock automatically lock. A lot of the break-ins I see on a daily if not weekly basis I am seeing break-ins they are not even breaking in. The door was not locked so the key this locks are great if you have got kids or whatever you think you are forgetful. The electronic lock will lock automatically if you program it that way where the mechanical deadbolt will not.

Electronic Deadbolt

I like like keyless locks, yes I love them. I have a keyless lock on my house and I have a deadbolt for night-time. When I go away I have the best of both worlds. Most people cannot do that. Dollar for dollar the mechanical deadbolt is superior to the keyless lock for security.

Mechanical Deadbolt

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Ask Mr. Locksmith Mechanical Deadbolt vs Electronic Deadbolt

Ask Mr. Locksmith Mechanical Deadbolt vs Electronic Deadbolt

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