Athena Weapons Detection System

Athena Weapons Detection System: Deter and detect weapons.  Manage checkpoint security with accountability and situational awareness.

Athena Weapons Detection System

Enhance security protocols with Athena Security’s latest innovation! The Weapons Detection System is designed to detect and prevent security threats effectively.

This technology includes an AI-enhanced system capable of detecting weapons and other objects based on their metal content and size as people pass through a security gate. It emphasizes the use of ferrous and non-ferrous metal detection and AI to prevent circumvention of the security poles. Additionally, the product offers visitor management features, enhancing its security capabilities. The demonstration highlights the effectiveness and sophistication of Athena Security’s screening process through AI models.

Empowering Security with Athena Weapons Detection System at ICS West

In a world where security and safety are paramount, technological innovations continue to play a crucial role. At a recent event at ICS West, Athena Security showcased their cutting-edge Weapons Detection System, revolutionizing the way we approach security measures.

Unveiling Athena Security

During the event, the spokesperson from Athena Security introduced the company, emphasizing their commitment to enhancing security solutions. The focus was on the innovative product developed by Athena Security, known as the Athena Weapons Detection System.

Advanced Technology in Action

The demonstration at ICS West highlighted the capabilities of the Athena Weapons Detection System. By leveraging advanced technology, the system is designed to detect various threats, including weapons, metal objects, and large rockets. Utilizing AI algorithms, the system analyzes ferrous and non-ferrous metals to ensure accurate detection.

Enhanced Security Protocols

One of the key features of the Athena Weapons Detection System is its ability to assess the size and mass of objects passing through. This ensures a comprehensive screening process that enhances security protocols at various facilities.

Intelligent Integration

A noteworthy aspect of the system showcased at ICS West was its integration capabilities. Through a user-friendly interface, security personnel can access real-time data and alerts, ensuring prompt responses to potential threats.

Visitor Management Enhancement

In addition to weapons detection, the system offers visitor management features. By incorporating AI models, the system can track and monitor visitor movements, preventing unauthorized access and enhancing overall security measures.


The demonstration at ICS West left attendees impressed with the Athena Weapons Detection System’s advanced technology and comprehensive security features. As security concerns continue to evolve, innovative solutions like the one presented by Athena Security are paving the way for a safer future.


Athena Weapons Detection System
Athena Weapons Detection System






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