Automotive Locksmith Class for Law Enforcement

This Automotive Locksmith Class for Law Enforcement class covers the following topics:
  • Covert opening techniques to open automotive locks (doors and trucks).
  • Automotive Key Generation,
  • Key code from VIN
  • Dealer code
  • On Board Programming
  • Cloning and Re-Chipping
  • Using Key duplication and computer code machines to generate original / duplicate keys.

 Class outline

  • Introduction to transponders and basic key terminology.
  • Adding and generating keys to systems where programmers are not necessary.
  • In depth details of the various cloning tool on the market.
  • Automotive key Cloning tool will include those made by Ilco, Strattec, Jet, Bianchi,
  • Advanced Diagnostics, and Zed Bull.
  • Transponder programming using machines that hook up to the automobile.
  • Multi Vehicle Programmers and dedicated programmers will be tested and discussed.
  • Automotive key code services and  generating keys from scratch.
  • Hands on picking regular (Ford, Dodge, etc.) Laser (New Honda, etc.) and High Security Automotive locks (BMW, Mercedes, etc.) using the most advanced car lock picking tools.

Who is it for ?

This class is for the student who is in need of knowledge on not only where to obtain automotive keys and making the keys that they will be duplicating, originating from code, tryout keys, readers and special automotive picks, programming with transponder equipment.

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