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Automotive Locksmith Colwood BC: Locked Out? Need Keys? Emergency Mobile Locksmith in Colwood BC.

Automotive Locksmith Colwood BC

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Modern Car Lockout Solutions: Why Slim Jims Are Outdated

Locked your keys in the car in Colwood, BC? Mr. Locksmith explains why the once-popular Slim Jim tool is now mostly obsolete due to modern car advancements like airbags and electronics. Learn about the latest non-destructive tools and techniques, including the advanced leashy picks and airbags, ensuring a damage-free entry to your vehicle.

Automotive Locksmith Services in Colwood BC

Locked out of your car in Colwood, British Columbia? Don’t worry—Mr. Locksmith has you covered!**

In the event of locking your keys in your car, you might wonder, “What do I do?” The answer is simple: Call Mr. Locksmith. With years of experience and modern tools, Mr. Locksmith ensures you regain access to your vehicle without any damage.

The Evolution of Car Lockout Solutions

Gone are the days of the Slim Jim.

When I first started as an apprentice, the Slim Jim was the go-to tool. It worked on 99 percent of cars—quick, easy, and without causing any damage. However, with advancements in automotive technology, very few cars today can be opened using a Slim Jim.

Today’s vehicles come with door panels that house airbags, sensors, and various electronic components for proximity keys and remotes. These tech advancements necessitate more sophisticated tools for unlocking cars.

Modern Tools for Safe Car Entry

No damage, no fuss.

To safely open your car, we now use specialized tools designed to navigate these modern elements. One of the most interesting and effective tools we use

Locked Keys in Car Colwood BC

Mr. Locksmith, Automotive Locksmith, Colwood, British Columbia.  Lock keys in car, what do I do? Call Mr. Locksmith. In the old days, I would use a Slim Jim. When I was an apprentice, I used a Slim Jim. This opened 99 percent of the cars, no damage, quick and easy. However, nowadays there’s very, very few cars I can use the Slim Jim on.

We have to use other tools to open up your car because now we have in the door panels, we have airbags, we have sensors, we have lots of electronics for your proximity or your remotes for your cars. So now we use It’s different tools to open up your cars, it does no damage, and we even have the Lishi picks.

And the Lishi picks are really interesting because we pick the door lock. Now these are special picks meant just to do the door lock, and you can’t use regular locksmith picks. I see this all the time, guys will use a regular pick, and they actually wreck the door locks on a car. You can’t use a regular pick to pick open a car door.

Automotive Locksmith Near Me Colwood BC

You have to use special picks. We use Lishi picks. They absolutely work fantastic. So they open up the car, absolutely no damage. Keys locked in the trunk, the same thing. There’s all sorts of non destructive ways to open up your car. So you don’t have to break a window, you don’t have to drill a lock. We can open up your car with no damage.

Basic tools to open up a car. A jack tool, this just wedges the door a little bit. The window a little bit, the door frame a little bit. Two high quality airbags.  The most probably 80 percent or more.  Long reach tool. And the little strip to pull the buttons. It’s got a little piece of sandpaper on the end there.

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And the more sophisticated tool. It’s got like the little noose on the back.  And I can pull this to,  to grab on to the button. And,  Do not use Slim Jims.  There’s some older cars you can use a Slim Jim. The new stuff, you have airbags inside the door. All over the place. Some of the cars got nine airbags inside.

You could reach inside the door and cause one of the airbags to go off. Don’t use a Slim Jim.

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Automotive Locksmith Colwood BC
Automotive Locksmith Colwood BC

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