Mr. Locksmith SEC E9 Code Machine North Amercia Model

Major Failure with the SEC E9 Code Machine from China | Mr. Locksmith Training

UPDATE 1: After only less than 10 keys cut in the shop the machine is not functioning! The Manufacturer is sending a new Motherboard and Tablet and a video on “How to Replace the Motherboard.”

UPDATE 2: 3 Weeks now and we have the new Motherboad and Tablet took 4 hrs to install. Still major problems and talking with the manufacturer in China. New Video soon showing the problems.

I will post an update when we get the replacement parts. Also, the Manufacturer stated the Engraving function will not be supported with the new Motherboard. So what do I do with the Engraving clamp?

SEC-E9 automatic key cutting machine 8 tablet PC with Automobile Key Clamp, Cutter, Decoder and Parts $2495.00 US


Single side Clamp for Domestic Keys $200.00 US

Dimple Key Clamp $350.00 US

Tubular / Ace Key Clamp $250.00 US

Tibble key Clamp $150.00 US

LDV(F019) Clamp $150.00 US

HU64 Clamp $95.00 US

TOY2 Clamp $95.00 US

 VA2 Clamp $95.00 US

Engraver Clamp $350 US

* Note: SEC E9 Videos removed until we get the Code Machine Fixed


Mr. Locksmith SEC E9 Code Machine North Amercia Model
Mr. Locksmith SEC E9 Code Machine North Amercia Model

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