BreakFree Solutions Launches VS-Opt

Helping Enterprises Realize Velocity in Their IT Value Stream

ROSEMONT, Ill., Oct. 25, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — BreakFree Solutions, provider of practical cloud, DevOps and automation professional services to enterprise companies, announced today the launch of a new service offering, BreakFree VS-Opt™, that helps enterprises establish a continuous improvement process for their IT value stream.

Business velocity has forced a change in approach to service delivery and the IT value stream. Unidentified bottlenecks impede the expected velocity core to cloud development. BreakFree VS-Opt helps enterprises achieve the velocity needed to compete in today’s landscape by establishing a continuous improvement process, which includes value stream mapping, metrics-based analysis, imbedded observation and measurement, and adoption of value-stream optimization.

“A metrics-based approach is critical to ensure your DevOps teams apply automation to the appropriate areas of the IT value stream,” said BreakFree Solutions CTO Bradley Clerkin.

Key outcomes of BreakFree VS-Opt include a visualization of the current IT value stream, identified and prioritized opportunities for automation, a clear path for shrinking the value stream from months or weeks to days or hours, a visualization of the target state, and a framework for continuous value-stream improvement.

BreakFree VS-Opt joins BreakFree Solutions’ suite of prescriptive services offerings that focus on helping enterprise IT adopt DevOps as they leverage cloud services.

“VS-Opt is all about equipping IT with the techniques needed to optimize their software delivery value stream,” said BreakFree Solutions President Mitch Northcutt. “It provides the necessary foundation to realize fast flow, shorter lead times and reliable customer outcomes.”

About BreakFree Solutions

BreakFree helps our customers accelerate IT innovation and add value to the business by changing the trajectory of IT investments. BreakFree Solutions provides enterprise IT with practical cloud, DevOps and automation professional services. BreakFree’s services are based on clearly defined positions on the future of IT operations shaped by decades of real-world experience. BreakFree is a diverse team of IT experts with skills in cloud native design, cloud architecture, infrastructure automation, software development, continuous deployment, security, DevOps and Agile delivery. BreakFree’s Agile Delivery Framework™ separates them from the professional services pack.

BreakFree Solutions is a LaSalle Solutions Company. Since 1980, LaSalle Solutions has been helping customers with valuable and flexible solutions that simplify their technology operations and free up capital, time, and resources to enable continued investment in the growth and success of their business. BreakFree continues that tradition through modern IT Solutions.

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