Cannabis Startup allows Investors to enter a market with high growth potential

Both in the context of their currently running ICO and venture capitalists

MONHEIM, Germany, Oct. 25, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Jibbit is happy to announce that in the course of realizing their hitherto existing projects they also got the ball rolling in another field which is a stake in the ground for the medical service.

A new App for Android and IOS which will connect doctors and patients will go live already at the beginning 2019.

With an eye on the developments overseas and on current economic data, Jibbit expects more than 30 Mio. € generated sales in Germany for already 2021.

Long-awaited by doctors and patients: The first digital cannabis-ID card – due to blockchain technology not only is the prescription tamper-proof while being filed in the App but also the ID card. Furthermore it’s now possible for the doctor to provide a period of validity on the Cannabis-ID. Thus patients may now prove themselves as legitimate owners of their medical cannabis in front of the police and other public authorities.

But for clarity let’s start again from scratch. Who is Jibbit actually and what kind of revolutionary solutions does the young German startup offer for the public health and cannabis sector?

As a result of that the prescription is saved on the blockchain it gets forgery. This gives the pharmacist a big confidence in the daily business. Very often fake prescriptions are being submitted just before closing times or Wednesday afternoon when doctors aren’t easily available for clarifying recalls. With this App it’s now also possible for the doctor to send little significant informations of the prescription to the pharmacy in compliance with data protection of course.

Moreover the App makes it possible for the patient in the first step to find doctors that are willing to prescribe cannabis as medicament in a convenient and fast way. In a second step the App finds a variety of pharmacies which assuredly have their cannabis in stock and therefore don’t have to order the cannabis first. Even home delivery services are possible.

Jibbit didn’t only create the first German and European cannabis-crypto-currency but will also launch their Marketplace modeled on Amazon or ebay. All kinds of accessories around cannabis (not containing THC!) will be offered there in a shop-in-shop system by a variety of vendors.

Hence Jibbit is creating a complete ecosystem for all patients who are in need of medical cannabis.

At the moment you can invest in the currently running ICO / ITO. In the current seed round even larger investments can be made.

Jibbit GmbH Mittelstr. 11-13 40789 Monheim am Rhein

Kontakt: CEO Daniel Pikulski Jibbit GmbH

E-Mail: [email protected]