How to Pick Locks On-Line Course | Mr. Locksmith™

How to Pick Locks On-Line Course | Mr. Locksmith Blog For further information go to I will teach you how to rekey and pick locks like a Professional Locksmith. This is an On-Line Locksmith Class covering basic to advanced Lock Picking Methods and Techniques. Learning how to pick open locks starts with learning the basic […]

Top 10 Security Tips for Business During Holidays | Mr. Locksmith Blog

Top 10 Security Tips for Business During Holidays | Mr. Locksmith Blog. For further information go to Mr. Locksmtih Lock Your Doors Rekey your Locks Alarm System Security Guard or Runner Service CCTV (Cameras) No Cash on Premises Fire Safes and Burglar Safes Gun Safe Facebook and Social Media Mark and Engrave all Your Valuables […]

Top 10 Cities with the Highest Risk of Burglary in the U.S.

Here are the top 10 cities with the highest risk of burglary in U.S. according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation crime report. And we want to remind you that there are different variables that affect crime and these rankings. Cities with the Highest Violent Crime Rates Louis Atlanta Birmingham Alabama (tie) Orlando (tie) Detroit […]

3 Ways You Unknowingly Invite Burglars into Your Home

Though you may not realize, many of the steps you take as part of your daily routine may actually make you more susceptible to burglaries. Here are 3 ways you unknowingly invite burglars into your home. Noticeable Consumption We get it, you are proud of your acquisitions and your possessions. There is no shame in […]

3 Ways to Burglar Proof Windows

Taking steps to burglar proof your windows can put your mind at ease as you keep your family, home and valuables safe. Here are 3 ways to burglar proof your windows: Window Bars Iron bars on your windows make your home very burglar resistant – even if a thief smashes through the glass, they cannot […]

3 Tips for Choosing the Right Business Security Systems

Having a security system for your business is a big help in protecting your investment. These articles will discuss some tips to help you choose the right security systems for your business. Below are 3 tips for choosing the right business security systems: Conduct a Security Review Since small business owners cannot afford to leave […]

Open Sentry Safe in less than 5 seconds at the Kitsilano Business Leaders Meetup.

Open Sentry Safe in less than 5 seconds at the Kitsilano Business Leaders Meetup. Terry Whin-Yates from Mr. Locksmith demonstrated how easy it is to open a Sentry Electronic Safe is less than 5 seconds with no damage or “Signs of Entry” for the Kitsilano Business Leaders Meetup. To purchase an excellent UL Listed Burgulary […]

3 Things Burglars Don’t Want You to Know 2023

3 Things Burglars Don’t Want You to Know 2023: Knowing how to stop break-ins isn’t hard and shouldn’t be an all-consuming mission either. Here are 3 things burglars don’t want you to know, including: knowing what to look for, revealing vacation plans and getting an alarm system. Knowing What to Look For Even a half-witted […]

3 Harmful Misconceptions About Home Invasions that You Should Know

There are a lot of harmful home burglary myths that can give a false sense of security. Luckily, this short article will cover some harmful misconception about home invasions that you should know. Read on! Most Break-ins Occur at Night A burglar will usually run away if the homeowner should come home or be inside […]

3 Holiday Safety Tips to Keep Your Home Secure

Whether you are traveling to spend time with family or staying home, it is important to remember that Holidays can also be an exciting time for burglaries and break-ins. Read on, to learn some basic steps to ensure that this year’s holiday season is a joyous and safe one for you and your loved ones. […]