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Changing Ford Remote Battery


This is a very popular Ford key and we call it the “eight cut“. It’s a four button, remote head key. If it’s tons of the Mustangs, or if it’s the whole Ford line, it is all over the place. It’s very popular.  There is no screws on this one. If there is a ring, just get the ring out of the way. To remove the battery, put the quarter, or a flathead in and then just give it a little twist. It will come apart very easily. It’s got weather stripped. And then just flip out the battery. So this one is the CR2032,  which is an extremely popular battery.

To put the battery in, you just gotta slide it in and that’s perfect. So we’ve done a very good weather stripping on this. So there we go. There is our Toyota remote.

Mr. Locksmith CR2032


Steps on how to change a Toyota remote battery:

  • First, see if it had the ring on. If so, just take the ring off.
  • Use your Leatherman or flathead screwdriver. There are no screws. You can tell by looking at the fob.
  • Just give it a little twist (make sure you don’t take much force).
  • And make sure to do it without everything falling every which way.


I like the Energizers and the Duracells for Ford remote battery. I don’t like the dollar store ones, that always seems to be giving people problems. And I don’t like the inexpensive ones. Fits in quite nicely. Nothing else comes apart here. Just slip it in there. Now we gotta get this weather stripping on. Just clip it in there nicely. We can put the ring back on. It goes on pretty quick and easy. Again, it’s an extremely popular remote. A four button, Ford remote head key which we call the “eight cut“. Again. very easy to do. I hope you enjoyed watching this video. Subscribe to my channel.


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