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Changing Toyota Remote Battery

This is a three-button Toyota remote. Very, very simple. Just lock, unlock and it’s got the panic button on the inside, which I didn’t see at first. This one’s for the older Toyotas. When you look at it, there’s no screws, there’s no screws anywhere on it. It’s pretty much sealed except for at the back, you can see. Not a dime would fit in that, so we use a little flat-head screwdrivers. I’m gonna use my Leatherman. But, you just can’t twist it out. You gotta slide it out because it’s got the little tabs over it. It has an extremely popular battery. The battery is a CR2032. Popular for a lot of different remotes, remote-head keys and proxes.

To put the battery in, you just gotta slide it in and that’s perfect. So we’ve done a very good weather stripping on this. So there we go. There is our Toyota remote.

Mr. Locksmith CR2032

Steps on how to change a Toyota remote battery:

  • First, see if it had the ring on. If so, just take the ring off.
  • Use your Leatherman or flathead screwdriver. There’s no screws. You can tell by looking at it.
  • Just give it a little twist (make sure you don’t take much force).
  • And make sure to do it without everything falling every which way.


There we go. That’s a nice one. Just make sure that you didn’t spill everything when you twist it. Again, we have to slide this battery out. Don’t twist and pull. We’ve got little metal tabs over the battery. Just slide it out, and it comes out nicely. The CR2032, is an extremely popular for Toyota remote battery. And, I mostly just use Energizers or Duracell batteries. I don’t like the dollar store stuff that much as I prefer the better quality. The dollar store doesn’t usually sell Duracells, or Energizers. I usually find Walmart has the cheapest, the least expensive parts. If you lose track of which way it goes because there’s no positive or negative, few tips – The little contacts always go to the opposite to the plus (or the writing). Just slide the battery back in. Slide it in nicely. And then just clip it together. On the video, it came apart a lot nicer the second time around. I hope you enjoyed watching this video. Subscribe to my channel.

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