Crazy Cat Lady Halloween Story | Mr. Locksmith Blog

Crazy Cat Lady Halloween Story | Mr. Locksmith Blog

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Hi, I’m Terry, and this is my scary Halloween story.

As locksmiths we have customers we call the “Crazy Cat Ladies.” They call you up, they want their locks changed, because somebody is moving their furniture. It happens all the time. So, we just call them the crazy cat ladies. But, basically, the classic is, “Somebody’s coming into my apartment, and they’re moving furniture.”

The first time we go there, we re-key the locks, and then they give us a call next day, sometimes that night, “Somebody’s coming into my place, they’re moving my furniture.” I have run across this and they do have people doing this to other people to drive them nuts. They do come in, they do move their furniture, do whatever. Okay, so we say, “I can put a lock on there that I can’t open. So, my favorite locks is the Abloy High-Security, I love the Medeco’s, also love the Schlage Primus.

An Abloy, no known defeats except for chopping it off the door. You know, the only way to get through the new Abloy protect 2’s is drill, grind, its extremely difficult, it’s what I have on my house. It’s the best dead-bolt. They’re happy, we’re happy, nobody’s getting in. Except, they call us back, “Somebody’s getting in.” And they say, “They’re moving my furniture.” They say they gave out some of the High Security Keys and I rekey the lock.

So, I put on, I go there, I re-key it, issue her new keys. We don’t even keep the key-codes. These crazy cat ladies are so crazy, and we tell em, we don’t have the code. You get locked out, we can’t let you in. We have to drill the lock off the door. So, that goes on for a little bit, and then they say, “sombody is moving the furniture.” So, I went back to the customer, and she said, “Anything you can do?” I said, “Look, your door’s secure. Your windows are secure.” She says, “I want a second lock. I want one more high-security lock.”

It’s not as crazy it sounds. I like two dead-bolts on my house, too.
The CCL now wants a Medeco deadbolt installed as the second lock.
She now has an Abloy, and a Medeco.


The CCL is still complaining about the moving furniture. So, you know, they reach an extreme where, all of a sudden, they start calling other locksmiths, cause now they think it’s me as the problem. I’m coming in, and moving her furniture. So, that’s usually the progression of our crazy cat ladies.

Except for, this one was a little different. We did her two locks, she’s still complaining about moving furniture. It was quiet. Didn’t hear for her for about two weeks. All of a sudden, we get the family calling us, the police are there, everybody’s there. They want to check on her. She’s not answering her phone, nobody’s talking to her, she hasn’t been seen.

Family and Police call me and I go there with lots of drill-bits. Police are there. Family’s there. You know, nobody’s heard anything. Both deadbolts are locked so have to drill the Abloy and the Medeco.

So, I drill, it takes me quite awhile, I’m chewing up some drill-bits. I get through the doors, and I just crack the door, and then let the police go in. The police go in, now, I crack the door, I stand back.

Once the door is open, and the cops go in, the stench is overwhelming. She’s got the heat cranked up to, like, a hundred degrees. She’s a old lady. You know, it’s, she’s been cooking in there for, for a couple of weeks, by the smell of it. It is overwhelming. It is just terrible, the, the stench of a dead body. So, the cops go in there, they’re gagging and then the cops come out, and they are white as ghosts and all shook up.

The family goes in there and come runnin out. The cops come out behind them as well. They are freaked.

The cops tell me “You gotta see this.” In the living room, she’s in the chair, whatever. She’s died. It’s absolutely horrific. The body, the everything. And, she’s in there dead, where her chair is looking, every stick of furniture, in that house, is piled up against the wall, up to the top. And, some of it is just barely balancing. She’s a little old lady. How the heck, she didn’t have the strength to put this stuff up there. It’s all up against the wall. And, she’s just sittin there, dead for a week. Freaked me right out.

So, that’s my spooky Halloween story.

Crazy Cat Lady Halloween Story

Crazy Cat Lady Halloween Story


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