Dewalt vs Milwaukee Lock Installation Kit

Dewalt vs Milwaukee Lock Installation Kit

Dewalt vs Milwaukee Lock Installation Kit: I prefer the Milwaukee Lock Installation Kit but when either one is on sale I buy it because the hole saws in both installation kits are great and usually less expensive than buying just the hole saws and mandrils.

Dewalt vs Milwaukee Lock Installation Kit


Today I am going to look at two of the most popular one is made by Dewalt it’s an isolation kit and the other one is made by Milwaukee. There are a few others but these are the two big players in the residential market.

The Dewalt now the important thing to look at and sometimes I these are on fantastic price sometimes there are less expensive locksmiths cheap we buy these door installation kits because sometimes it’s cheaper to buy this kit than to go and buy the hole saws the most important thing you want to look at is you need a two and an eighth inch hole saw and you need a one inch sometimes they have seven eights as the hole saw. Don’t buy that kit so get the one inch and two and an eight locksmiths like these because we can save money because we like this just to buy it for the hole saws but the kit seems to be okay too it looks good you know Dewalt’s a decent company.

Dewalt Lock Installation Kit

The DEWALT Door Lock Installation Kit helps you install door locks on wood and metal doors. It works for 2-3/8 in. and 2-3/4 in. backsets, and 1-3/8 in. and 1-3/4 in. thick doors.

  • It features two bi-metal hole saws and a height alignment window for accuracy.
  • Use to install door locks on wood and metal doors
  • 2 bi-metal hole saws 2 1/8″ & 1″
  • Height alignment window for accuracy
  • Accepts common backsets of 2-3/8 in. and 2-3/4 in
  • Fits common door thicknesses of 1-3/8 in. and 1-3/4 in.
  • Door lock kit utilizes a C-clamp design with tool free clamping and no surface damage
  • Door lock kit includes two adjustable bushings which accept both standard backsets and both common door thicknesses
  • Door lock kit utilizes alignment window and taller bushings to deliver accurate height placement and straight drilling
  • DEWALT D180004 Door Lock Kit features a C-clamp design with tool-free clamping and no surface damage
  • Alignment window and taller bushings deliver accurate height placement and straight drilling
  • Includes two adjustable bushings that accept standard backset and common door thicknesses

Okay we have the arbor with a drill we have what do we got here now. What is interesting with these kits is it’s meant to do the back sets on most doors from the edge of the door to the center of the hole is two and three eighths or two and three quarters so this is adjustable to do a two and a two and three eighths back set and a two and three quarters inch back set if you have a five inch back set. This is not going to do the trick so the back set the jig is meant for two and three eighths to two and three quarters won’t do five inch back sets the door thickness is good for one and three eighths to one and three quarters one and three quarters is a lot of front doors.

Interior doors are usually an inch and three eighths or bedroom doors bathroom doors that sort of thing you know out of the box like i said as a locksmith what I really want is the hole sauce because these are good for wood and they call them bi-metal hole saws. They are good for most steel doors that you have in residential use and it comes with the arbor you get to use that. The only thing is as locksmiths we like to have two arbors because I don’t want to be taking this off and switching around. I know for a fact these are good hole saws. The price is good. Usually the kit it’s good just to buy for the hole saws if they’re on sale. The only thing about this jig which I don’t really like is is to adjust it. I have to pull out this turn it around for my door thickness between inch and 3 8 inch three quarters. I have to pull out that little piece that’s a bit of a pain and then i also have to do the same thing with the back set I have to pull this out very simple and just switch it around.

It’s simple but it’s a bit of a pain in the butt to do. I have seen other ones like our professional ones we use if you see my other videos I will put the link in here. It is pretty idiot proof this one that’s my only fault with it do the trick you know remember when you are drilling on the door don’t drill just put your holes out here and drill all the way through drill in about halfway once your tip pulls out you can take the jig off and just freehand drill. Or you can turn it around line it up and drill it. Again, don’t drill all the way through the door. With this go half and then half from the other side and we have other installation videos. You can see this is just looking at it how is it what do i think i probably won’t use that jig but i got what i wanted inexpensive hole saw for me.

Milwaukee Lock Installation Kit

This is the Milwaukee so it says right on there it’s good for doors inch and three-eighths two inch and three quarters. Sometimes the back doors are inch and three eighths on the front doors usually inch and three quarters.

  • Most durable hole saw; Period; comes with a limited lifetime tooth break warranty
  • Features RIP GUARD teeth, teeth built with more steel behind the cutting edge for added durability
  • Coated with low friction, thermoset paint that provides faster-cutting speed in wood and more holes cut per battery charge
  • Equipped with plug jack, an all-access slot design for fast plug removal
  • Features bi-metal construction with 8% cobalt for increased wear resistance
  • Cuts through clean wood, plastic/composite, aluminum, metal and stainless steel doors
  • Door thickness capacity- 1-3/8 in. to 1-3/4 in.

Usually all exterior doors should be inch and three quarters. If they are more you have problems now the door. This is what confuses a lot of people you you have from the edge of the door to the center of the hole is either two and three eighths or two and three quarters. Some of the older doors or some of the very custom door is a five inch back set. This installation kit will not do the five inch back sets and it will not do thicker doors. However, you could really still kind of jury rig this if you sort of know what you’re doing to work for a thicker door. We do run across two inch doors out there and more so that requires a whole different problem to fix.

Not difficult to overcome so again this is the Milwaukee let’s take a look at what now i really like the Milwaukee hole saw. You have to make sure you get a two and an eighth inch hole saw and a one inch hole saw. some of these kits I have seen out there have a 7/8″ hole saw or and most of the locks require a one inch hole to be drilled for the latch the hole for the deadbolt part is two and an eighth and the hole for the latch or the bolt is one inch sometimes you can get away with seven eighths but not on a lot of the more modern ones.  Let’s just open it up let’s take a peek what we got here. Again you can find these on sale especially around Christmas time or they are just blowing them out the door.

I call this the jig, so we have the door installation jig we have a one inch hole saw, we have the two and don’t get fooled and buy the the two inch, yeah still work but not proper size. What we have is a whole pile of bits and pieces. I don’t know so we got, geez it got lots of drill bits and they’re Dewalt. We know the drill bits are pretty good. The arbor just goes in this one now i like to have two arbors. I don’t want to fart around with replacing, you know this. It’s a good deal for for for locksmiths.  Sometimes these are cheaper to buy the kit than it is to buy the hole saw. We just go out and buy the kit.

Lock Installation Kit

This one is pretty good let’s take a look at the jig pretty simple, two and three eighths two and three quarters. Very simple, there is our back set and it doesn’t look like anything special for the door thickness pretty idiot proof. Put it on the door figure out your back set put it on the door. No little pieces farting around. Good this is the Milwaukee door installation kit. w\We know the hole saws are good we know the drills are good and this is okay. It is for residential use, maybe even a locksmith who’s in a jam needs a jig this does the trick.

Professional Door Lock Installation Kit

The comparison between the dewalt door installation kit and the Milwaukee using the hole saws. I prefer the Milwaukee over the Dewalts.  It is my personal preference but you know for wood it doesn’t matter.  The Milwaukee just seems a little bit more skookum, a little bit more heavy duty. Again, for wood it doesn’t matter for metal. They are both good when it comes to the jigs. This one looks impressive it looks pretty heavy duty and skookum but this one’s simpler to use all i gotta do is adjust for my back set i don’t have to pull anything out and it self adjusts for the edge of the door. I prefer the Milwaukee just because it’s a more simple. This one i’ve got like look at the pieces I will probably make a mistake. I am going to look at this figure how to get this in. I will lose these bits and pieces.

Dewalt vs Milwaukee

They are both good for if you have a couple doors to install, They are both good they’ll do the job. However, if you have got something around for more long term I prefer this one just idiot proof and that is what we need in this world is you have to keep it real simple. The Milwaukee will do the trick and the Dewalt will do the trick but it requires more thinking. I prefer the Milwaukee in this case.

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Dewalt vs Milwaukee Lock Installation Kit
Dewalt vs Milwaukee Lock Installation Kit



Dewalt vs Milwaukee Lock Installation Kit
Dewalt vs Milwaukee Lock Installation Kit


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