Don't Replace Your Lock - Rekey It!

Don’t Replace Your Lock – Rekey It!

Don’t Replace Your Lock – Rekey It!: Rekeying a lock simply means inserting different pins into the lock itself, and then cutting new keys to fit that lock. This is a far more economical solution when you’ve moved into a new home or apartment.

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Don’t Replace Your Lock – Rekey It!

Many locksmiths will not advise you to use this solution, but at  Mr. Locksmith, it’s usually the first thing we suggest to customers. We prefer to help them save money, especially when they’ve just gone through the expense of moving. Our main goal is to help them feel safe the minute they get to their new home.

When you’re worried about the number of keys that could be in the hands of other people, rekeying is an inexpensive solution and will give you the peace of mind you seek. Today people give keys to:

  • House Keepers,
  • Gardeners,
  • Babysitters,
  • Neighbours.

This opens the possibility for someone they know, to have access to keys to your home. Rekeying is a simple solution to this problem.

What is Rekeying?

When Mr. Locksmith rekeys your lock, they simply go through a process of making changes to the tumbler configuration, thereby disabling old keys, and cutting new keys for you, which will now fit the lock.

By rekeying a lock, you’ll never have to worry about replacing the entire locking system in your new home. You’ll still enjoy the same hardware on your doors and instant security with our same day service.

Once your immediate need is taken care of, you may at some time in the future decide to upgrade the hardware on your doors to state-of-the-art technology, or just more secure and nicer looking hardware. When we do a rekeying procedure, it gives you the necessary time to make a decision about future security.

In newer homes, built in the last 20 years, the builder of that home most likely has installed the least expensive hardware available. These locks do not provide high security for your home and can easily be broken. Often they do not address all the issues you may have with security in your home.

Business Locks

The reasons described above will also apply to any new business space you’ve bought or rented. In fact, locks on a business should be the most secure ones possible, since a business has much to lose if broken into by robbers or competitors. Whether your business is located in an industrial area or on the main street of your city, rekeying should be a first step while you investigate other solutions to your security needs.

Mr. Locksmith offers discounts when you’re rekeying 2 locks or more. We will supply you with 5 new keys immediately. You may want to visit our website for other discounts we offer.  Set up a time for a consultation to review your entire security situation. Today, advances in technology offer a wide range of solutions for you. We are happy to help you understand the best solution for your situation. From basic locks to iPhone apps that notify you when your home is entered. Mr. Locksmith we’re dedicated to ensuring you have the best solution for your security needs.

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