eGeeTouch Smart Padlock ISC WEST

eGeeTouch Smart Padlock ISC WEST

eGeeTouch Smart Padlock ISC WEST: Simply pair with a Bluetooth smartphone or tap a NFC-enabled smartphone, smartwatch, eGeeTouch® NFC tags or any paired NFC-enabled smart devices to secure and unlock. Some models even have Proximity Tracking features to notify you in the event you are leaving your luggage unintentionally. They work for both Apple and Android’s smartphones.

eGeeTouch Smart Padlock ISC WEST

At the ISC conference, Booty introduces eGeeTouch Technologies eGeeTouch brand, showcasing their fifth-generation smart padlocks. These advanced security devices can be unlocked with a phone or NFC fobs, offering ease of use and robust security features. The padlocks are cloud-connected, providing real-time access logs including who accessed the lock, when, and where.

A highlighted feature is their waterproof design, ensuring functionality even when submerged in water. Additionally, an upcoming heavy-duty model with enhanced sensors and intelligence is previewed, capable of sounding alarms and sending notifications to users’ apps if tampered with. Introducing eGeeTouch Smart Padlock by DigiPest Technologies Inc. – EG Touch brand.

eGeeTouch fifth-generation smart padlocks redefine security and convenience.

Unlock with Your Phone: Simply wake up the padlock with your phone and pair it to unlock effortlessly.

Secure Cloud Connectivity: Send access information to the cloud, keeping track of who, when, and where accessed the padlock.

Convenient Fob Access: Use NFC-based fobs for quick and easy unlocking.

Waterproof Design: No need to worry about accidental water exposure – the padlock is fully waterproof. Looking for enhanced security?

Also, eGeeTouch model with heavy-duty features, advanced sensors, and intelligent alerts. Receive instant notifications in case of tampering. Experience the future of padlock technology with eGeeTouch.

eGeeTouch Padlock

Unlocking the Future with eGeeTouch Smart Padlock at ISC WEST

At the recent ISC WEST conference, attendees were treated to a glimpse of the future of security with the innovative eGeeTouch Smart Padlock. Let’s dive into the features and capabilities that make this fifth-generation smart padlock a game-changer in the industry.

eGeeTouch Cloud Connectivity

One of the standout features of the eGeeTouch Smart Padlock is its ability to send information about access events to the cloud. This means users can track who accessed the padlock, when it was accessed, and where the access took place, adding an extra layer of security and accountability.

NFC Technology

In addition to phone unlocking, users can also utilize NFC-based fobs to unlock the padlock with just a tap. The waterproof design ensures durability and peace of mind, even in unexpected situations like accidentally dropping the padlock into water.

Upcoming Model Teaser

Excitingly, the representatives also teased an upcoming heavy-duty model of the eGeeTouch Smart Padlock, promising enhanced sensors and intelligence. This new model is designed to sound alarms and send notifications to the user’s app in case of any tampering attempts, setting a new standard for smart padlock security.


As we wrap up our glimpse into the world of eGeeTouch Smart Padlocks at ISC WEST, it’s clear that the future of security is evolving rapidly. The seamless integration of technology, cloud connectivity, and robust security features make eGeeTouch a brand to watch in the smart security space.

eGeeTouch Smart Padlock ISC WEST
eGeeTouch Smart Padlock ISC WEST


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