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FIC Trailer Lock Recall 

Manufacturers should always keep the welfare of the customers in mind. While it is a big hassle to recall a particular product, it is the most logical thing to do to avoid compromising the safety of people who bought and use it. Although there was a mistake that was overlooked before the release of the product in the market, a recall can still salvage the reputation of a manufacturer. It is still the responsible thing to do in such cases.

In cases of locks, recalls are done with accordance to the National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act. One instance of lock recall was from Fastec Industrial Corp. It involves the trailer locks sold from 2006 to April of 2013. There is a problem with the deadbolt cylinders which may compromise the safety of its users. Therefore, the attention of FIC trailer lock users are needed so they can check whether their FIC locks are included in this recall or not.

Here are the things that you should do if your trailer lock is recalled:

  • – Request for free replacement. Go to FIC’s official website, to request for it.
  • – You can also call their toll free number, 800-837-2505 to request for a replacement.
  • – Answer the survey at the FIC official website.

These FIC locks are recalled because it opens even when it is not in the 12 o’clock position. This can be dangerous as it can be inconvenient. It may cause the lock to jam and that may cause accidents and hassles. In case that the lock’s deadbolt jams, people will not be able to get out of their trailers. This may force them to find other ways to get out and they may get hurt in the process.

The good news is that FIC is not turning their backs on their customers. These are the things that you will get in place of your recalled FIC trailer lock:

  • – New lock cylinder sets for the deadbolt lock
  • – New lock cylinder sets for the paddle handle
  • – Instructions for removing the cylinders
  • – Instructions for replacing the cylinders
  • – Prepaid shipping

Here are the things that you should do to identify whether the trailer lock that you are using is one of the recalled FIC locks:

Check the color of your deadbolt lock. Recalled FIC trailer locks are colored black, chrome, and white.

FIC Trailer Lock Recalls Locks - Duel Cylinder
FIC Trailer Lock Recalls Locks – Duel Cylinder

Check if there is “FIC” on the paddle handle.

Check the code on the key’s metal shaft. The recalled codes are HF-304, HF-307, HF- 308, HF-309, HF-311, HF-313, HF-315, HF-316, HF-320, HF-322, HF-323, HF-328, HF-331, HF-335, HF-336, HF-339, HF-342, HF-343, HF-347, and HF-349.

FIC Trailer Lock Recalls Locks - Key with Code
FIC Trailer Lock Recalls Locks – Key with Code

If all that you have is the duplicate copy of your key, there is no need to worry. You can still check the code of your key on the main body lock. Look for the label there wherein the code is written.

Check if you can lock, open, and remove the key from the lock even when it is in the 9 o’clock position and not 12 o’clock.

Once you found out that your trailer lock is included in the recall, do what you need to do and get a safer and better set.

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FIC Trailer Lock Recalls Locks - Key with Cylinders / Plugs
FIC Trailer Lock Recalls Locks – Key with Cylinders / Plugs

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