Flux7 Announces Landing Zones For Secure, Scalable AWS Adoption

Highly automated solutions for migrating essential services and production accounts help enterprises start right, scale fast

AUSTIN, Texas, Nov. 01, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Flux7, a services and technology company that specializes in extreme automation on top of Amazon Web Services, today announced Flux7 Landing Zones on AWS, a cloud implementation service that provides enterprise companies with a rapid route to a secure foundation in AWS.  Based on proven best practices and lessons learned from hundreds of projects, Flux7 Landing Zones on AWS enable organizations to start application migration to AWS and gain valuable skills through comprehensive training in as little as 10 days. With this foundation, enterprises gain assurance that the infrastructure is secure and configured properly for future scale.

“Some of the biggest challenges organizations face when getting started in the cloud are overcoming integration obstacles and architecting for scale without compromising security, all while faced with an increasing shortage of cloud architecture expertise and DevOps skills that are needed to effectively shepherd the process,” said Aater Suleman, CEO and co-founder of Flux7. “We created Flux7 Landing Zones on AWS to help customers not only gain modern infrastructure, but also to better understand how to use AWS to meet business and technical goals.”

Flux7 Landing Zones on AWS can be used to launch an initial pilot project, or to establish a solid foundation in preparation for mass application migration and DevOps at Scale. According to Gartner, “Through 2020, more than 90% of the organizations that plan a cloud IaaS strategy, without first running pilot projects and reviewing lessons learned, will fail to identify benefits, risks and costs correctly.” Gartner, Inc., How to Begin Using Public Cloud Infrastructure as a Service, Lydia Leong, Raj Bala, July 26, 2018.

A Premier AWS Consulting Partner, the Flux7 Landing Zone solutions build on AWS native services  to deliver configuration-as-code, automated provisioning, infrastructure design and deployment guidance, and includes essential services and production accounts to enable organizations to quickly and securely adopt, implement and operate their AWS environments.   Based on experience with over 300 infrastructure and DevOps projects, the Flux7 Landing Zone solution includes multi account deployment and setup, network design, hardened security and pipeline creation and automation. Landing Zones can be customized to meet enterprise compliance requirements.

To further help enterprises navigate their journey to cloud, Flux7 also published today a new  white paper titled How to Create a Secure, Scalable AWS Foundation for Successful Cloud Adoption. This white paper is one of several new resources Flux7 has published to help enterprises make informed decisions about DevOps-enabled cloud transformation. Download the paper here.

Flux7 Landing Zones solutions are part of Flux7’s portfolio of technology and services built on the company’s Enterprise DevOps Framework, a patent-pending method for accelerating IT and process modernization that is bolstered by advanced cloud services to enable transformative efficiencies and breakthrough performance. Flux7 includes leading technology solutions in their DevOps tool chain including AWS, Docker, Kubernetes, HashiCorp, Ansible, Jenkins and others to help customers gain infrastructure and processes to improve scalability and uptime, increase security, reduce maintenance time and costs and to better meet customer demand and market opportunities. 

Learn more about Flux7 solutions at: https://www.flux7.com/solutions/

About Flux7
Enterprises bring solutions to market faster and provide better customer experiences with Flux7 services and technologies for extreme automation. Gain access to knowledge experts in cloud, containers, CI/D and configuration management to adopt approaches including DevOps and Agile, in order to improve the security and efficiency with which IT services are delivered. Flux7 customers accelerate DevOps adoption and IT modernization projects through our modular service structure and Enterprise DevOps Adoption Framework and platform which provides guidelines and principles to consistently meet business and technical requirements.  Learn more at https://www.flux7.com, get real-world information about IT modernization and DevOps at https://blog.flux7.com/ or follow us on Twitter @Flux7Labs.

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