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Forensic Locksmithing

Forensic Locksmithing: Terry Whin-Yates has had a great deal of successful experience in this field. If you need an expert Forensic Locksmith on your side call 604-773-5625 today. We are a locally family owned and operated locksmith business that has been running over 25 years. We provide professional locksmithing & security services. Terry Whin-Yates is a 3rd Generation Locksmith and has a BA (Hons) in Criminology from Simon Fraser University.

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Forensic Locksmith
Forensic Locksmith Terry Whin-Yates

Forensic Locksmithing

A forensic locksmith is a locksmith that combines the skill and knowledge of locksmithing to analyze lock systems in order to determine tampering or evidence of compromise.

More specifically a forensic locksmith may be called to identify any of the following:

  • Method of entry
  • Tools used to gain entry
  • Areas of weakness in a security system

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Forensic Locksmith Expert Witness

Terry Whin-Yates has been a Court Appointed Expert Witness.

  • I am away of my duty to assist the court;
  • I am not an advocate for any party;
  • I have prepared my report in conformity and duty; and
  • will, if called upon to give oral or written testimony, give my testimony in conformity with my duty.

Forensic Locksmith

Terry Whin-Yates assisted CTV McLaughlin on Your Side team doing an Undercover investigation into locksmith pricing from unlicensed scammer locksmiths but also “bait and switch” tactics used by unscrupulous locksmiths. CTV “showed the website and rate sheet to master locksmith Terry Whin-Yates … to put the locksmith company to the test by installing a simple and easy to pick the residential lock on a condo door in Surrey.” Terry stated “It should have cost, by their rate sheet, it should have been $50. We charge and we tell people on the phone $95 to $150. That’s the cost to open your door.” Terry Whin-Yates

What is a Forensic Locksmith?

The job of a forensic locksmith is to determine by inspection how an action occurred. A forensic locksmith is someone who can testify in court as an expert on scientifically verifiable information regarding locks and keys.
A forensic locksmith is a locksmith who specializes in using their skills and knowledge to assist in legal investigations and proceedings. They may be called upon to examine locks and keys in order to determine how a crime was committed, or to provide expert testimony in court. Forensic locksmiths may also be called upon to provide security consulting services or to develop security measures for businesses and other organizations.
What is a forensic locksmith? A Forensic Locksmith is a trained specialist who can provide legal testimony as an expert on scientifically verifiable information regarding locks and keys.Forensic locksmiths usually provide information that can be used by insurance companies, Police, Law Firms and investigators to assist in solving a crime. The task of a forensic locksmith is to determine how an action occurred, such as a vehicle being moved without the owner’s authorization, or something being removed from a closed and locked office, business or home. A business, insurance company, attorney, government agency, etc. can hire a forensic locksmith.A forensic locksmith can provide services for the prosecution or the defense. The job of a forensic locksmith is not to determine who. The job of a forensic locksmith is to determine by inspection how an action occurred. The action may have occurred because of unauthorized activity, authorized activity, manufacturer’s problems, installer’s problems, etc.A locksmith who provides forensic services must have considerable expertise and must be able to clearly convey this expertise while testifying in a courtroom. In addition, the locksmith must know the equipment that can be used for surreptitious operation. The forensic locksmith must know the “telltale”signs of unauthorized operation and what is required to identify them. The forensic locksmith must take the time to determine all of the possible alternatives.A forensic locksmith may examine a crime scene/vehicle and search for evidence that explains how something happened. Or material may be sent to a forensic locksmith. For example, if an office has been burglarized and a safe opened, a forensic locksmith will investigate how access could have been gained not only into the building and office, but also into the safe. The forensic locksmith will have expertise in door hardware as well as safe locks.

Lock Examinations

In the course of an investigation a massive security flaw was found with Sentry Safes. 6.5 Million Views on YouTube.

Forensic Education

  • 1989 – 1992 BA Criminology (HONS), Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, B.C
  • 1990 Liberal Arts Certificate, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, B.C.
  • 1989 – 1991 Diploma in General Studies, Okanagan College.
  • 1985 – 1986 Certificate, Ministry of Attorney General Police Services Branch.


Numerous locksmith courses and training seminars. Most recent Forensic Locksmith courses and certificates as follows:

  • Auto Theft & Arson
  • Investigative Locksmithing 1-3
  • Photography & Microscope
  • Forensic Locksmithing  Technics
  • Automotive After market Equipment
  • Diploma in Occupational Safety & Health, Workers’ Compensation Board (1993).
  • Certificate in Instructional Skills Workshop, Simon Fraser University (1996).
  • Certificate, Interview & Interrogations Skills, Police Academy, Justice Institute of B.C. (1995).
  • Certificate of Training, Ministry of Attorney General Police Services Branch (1986).
  • Certificate of Achievement, First Aid, Justice Institute of B.C.
  • Courses in Security Systems and Fire Systems, BCIT (1993).
  • Human Osteology, Forensic Anthropology
Terry Whin-Yates at Southern Folger - Mr Locksmith
Terry Whin-Yates at Southern Folger – Mr Locksmith

Conference Presentations

  • 1996 – Western Society of Criminology, Sonoma, California, The Scott Road Bicycle Experiment: Patterns in Prevention and Displacement.
  • 1998 – Western Society of Criminology, Los Angeles, California, Geographic Crime Analysis: Policy Implications for Mass Transit.
  • 1998 – American Society of Criminology, Washington D.C., Spatial Analysis of a Crime Generator: Crime Location and Offenders.
  • 1999 – Western Society of Criminology, Oakland, California, Pattern Theory: Crime Mapping, Beyond Pin Maps.
  • 1999 July – ESRI, San Francisco, California, Criminology and Crime Mapping
  • 1999 – November, American Society of Criminology, Toronto Ontario, Crime Mapping Panel Chair.
  • 2000 National Institute of Justice (NIJ), San Diego, California, Geographic Information Systems: If you are going to have a war on crime, have good maps.
  • 2001 NIJ, Orlando, Florida, Crime Pattern Analysis.
  • 2002 Canadian Fire Investigation School, B.C. Division. Arson is not an Random Event
  • 2002 Canadian Association of Arson Investigators, Arson and Environmental Criminology.
  • 1999 – Present: Numerous crime analysis presentations and specific crimes (Arson, Break & Enter, etc.) to Burnaby RCMP, Vancouver Police and NWPD.


    • Barclay, P., Jennifer Buckley, Paul J. Brantingham, Patricia L. Brantingham & Terry Whin-Yates, (1996) Preventing Auto Theft in Suburban Vancouver Commuter Lots: Effects of a Bike Patrol, In Ronald V. Clarke (ed.) Preventing Mass Transit Crime, Crime Prevention Studies. Vol. 6. Monsey, NY: Criminal Justice Press.
    • Barclay, P., Jennifer Buckley, Paul J. Brantingham, Patricia L. Brantingham & Terry Whin-Yates, (1997) Preventing Auto Theft in Commuter Lots: A Bike Patrol in Vancouver, In Ronald V. Clarke (ed.) Situational Crime Prevention, Successful Case Studies, Second Edition. Albany, NY: Harrow and Heston, Publishers (modification of 1996 publication).
  • Brantingham, P.L., J.B. Kinney & Terry Whin-Yates, (1999). Preliminary Analysis of Crime and Transportation Routes in the City of New Westminster. Report prepared for the City of New Westminster and New West Police Department. http://www.kdgsecuritymgmt.ca/Publications/NWPS.pdf

Courses Taught (TM/TA) 1996 – Present

  • Covert Entry
  • Introduction to Locksmithing
  • Automotive Locksmithing
  • Beginner and Advanced Lock Picking
  • DAMS (Defence Against Methods of Entry)
  • Criminology 101-3 Introduction to Criminology
  • Criminology 103-3 Psychological Explanations of Criminal and Deviant Behavior
  • Criminology 131-3 Introduction to the Canadian Criminal Justice System
  • Criminology 330-3 Criminal Evidence and Procedure
  • Arson and Environmental Criminology – Canadian Fire Investigation School, B.C. Division
  • Numerous Locksmithing Courses
Terry Whin-Yates Mr. Locksmith
Terry Whin-Yates Mr. Locksmith

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