Mr. Locksmith Halloween Dead Body Story

Funeral Home Dead Body in the Cooler| Mr. Locksmith Halloween Story

Funeral Home Dead Body in the Cooler | Mr. Locksmith Halloween Story

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Hi, I’m Terry from Mr. Locksmith. This is one of the first jobs I ever had where I ran across a dead body and it was, it was interesting.

We had a customer who owned a funeral home. Really classy place, really good people to work with and I did their locks and they were a really good customer. Then they called me up and said, “We have a problem with the lock on the fridge, it’s sticking and we need it fixed.

And they knew I was a sofety, every time I went there I was nervous. I hadn’t seen dead bodies before.

So, they said I gotta go work on the fridge and they know I’m a softy. They said, “Terry, it’s all- we only have one deceased person inside. Only one and it’s no problem, we’ll be with you.”

Okay. I’ll do it. So I have to go fix this lock. So I go follow the guys, they’re all dressed nice, they’re very professional. Really, really nice people and, but I go into the back room and, and I’m already kinda looking around.

The fridge is there and there’s this stainless steel table like you see on TV. It’s got the drainage thing around it.

It’s freaking me out and I feel like my feet are sticking to the floor. The place is spotless, it’s clean but I’m kinda walking and I kind of like, I feel like I’m sticking but everything is white and stainless and super clean. So he’s with me, he’s a good guy and he opens up the fridge, you know, and it’s meant to hold like, I don’t know, six bodies and the one is in a box.

The Furneral Director said, “Terry, you know, don’t worry.” He’s like, he’s, “The dead will not hurt you.” You know? “Don’t worry Terry,” you know, “This was a very good person,” and he’s trying to be all professional and I’m like, I, I walk through, you know, I walk through the coffin room and I’m in the prep room and I’ve got this fridge with a body inside.

I’ve got one body. He says, he says, “I got three more people coming in so we gotta get this done.” I basically had to replace the old lock, put a new one on. I had everything and I’m kind of like this and he’s go, “Oh, someone’s at the front door.” So he’s leaving me in the room but the body is in a box, I’m in the freezer. I’m replacing the lock. He says, “Terry,” he says, “I’ll be right back. I’m really sorry.” So, you know, ding, ding, ding. He’s going to the, you know, he’s leaving me in the prep room, he’s going through the coffin room.

He’s going to talk to somebody. I’m there, I’m freaked. I’m cool, you know, I’m cool. I’m working on the lock, you know, getting it all together. All of the sudden, I guess the, ’cause the door’s been open, the fan kicks in on the fridge and it’s a big frigging whooooooo. So, first of all, the whoooo, that gets me and then, hanging out the box was some of the body bag and the body bag picec is now flapping, whooo, in the fan and it’s touching me. And I run out of the room as quick as I can. I run into the Furneral guy and he’s coming in and he takes me back in there. It’s the Fridge cooler fan, it’s the piece of the body bag is flapping.

I called it a day. I went home. So that’s my first dead body expericene, not good. I still get a little freaked out over it. It freaks me out to this day. This body bag. Have a good Halloween.


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Mr. Locksmith Halloween Dead Body Story
Mr. Locksmith Halloween Dead Body Story

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