Google Promoting Unlicensed Locksmiths in Vancouver

This morning I had another person call me about being a victim of an unlicensed locksmith in Vancouver. He had searched for “Locksmith Vancouver” on Google.  He contacted the top three locksmith companies on Google Ad Words and one of these companies visited his home and rekeyed his lock and charged him over $500.00 and he paid cash.

Note: Mr. Locksmith charges $95.00 to rekey 1-2 locks and our customers get 5 free keys.

He now has been calling the company he had contacted and they refuse to talk to him.  He called me and asked me what he can do.

When you Google “Locksmith Vancouver” the top three listings on Google Ad Words are unlicensed locksmiths.  It is difficult for legitimate locksmiths to pay the Google Ad Word rates to be listed on the top of Google Ad Words.  At Mr. Locksmith all of our locksmith have had Criminal records checks, have BC Government issued locksmith employee licenses and Mr. Locksmith had paid the fees to have a BC Government issued company locksmith license and Mr. Locksmith has the required liability insurance required by the BC Government.

The business model for the unlicensed locksmiths on Google Ad Words is to target emergency lock outs, quote low and then charge hundreds of dollars for simple jobs. Also, the unlicensed locksmiths will drill the lock or door because they don’t have the skills or training to pick the lock. I was called out to a car lockout where the un licensed locksmith tired to drill a car door open.

In the Province of British Columbia Locksmiths and Locksmith companies are required by law to have a British Columbia Provincial Locksmith License and have a minimum of two (2) years locksmith training and supervision under a licensed locksmith. The BC Locksmith License requires a security check and clearance and includes a fingerprint check at the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) or local Police Department. In British Columbia the Industry Training Authority (ITA) is responsible for apprentice locksmiths and certification as a qualified locksmith. The ITA verifies the locksmith has a minimum of two (2) years training under the supervision of BC Licensed and Qualified Locksmith,

However, the lack of a BC Locksmith License and criminal records check and security clearance has not deterred unlicensed locksmiths operating in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland,

Many of these unlicensed locksmith companies operating in Vancouver are based in Vancouver and the US. In the summer of 2010  the BC Government  revoked a person in Vancouver who had a security guard license and was and was operating as an unliceded locksmith and he is still operating as an unlicensed locksmith in Vancouver.  Also, this unlicensed locksmith and unlicensed locksmith company is advertising on Google Ad Words and is at the top of Google Ad Words.

I spoke with a representative from the Solicitor General office about the unlicensed locksmiths and this particular person and unlicensed company and he basically admitted they do not have the money or time to pursue unlicensed locksmiths and unlicensed locksmith companies operating openly in British Columbia.

I will report in a future Blog what the BC Government is doing about unlicensed locksmiths and Googles response to BC Unlicensed locksmiths advertising on Google Ad words.

In my opinion the only way to for people to people to get any satifaction is to Fight the Unlicensed Locksmiths the only place they get business.

On Google Ad Words:

1- Google “Locksmith Vancouver” or “Locksmith” or “Locksmith Richmond” etc,
2- Click on the top three locksmiths at the top of the page.
3- Go to the unlicensed locksmith website and click on a few pages.

*** You just cost the unlicensed Mobile Locksmith $2-$5 each time you visit.


Lots of Unlicensed Locksmiths in the Vancouver Area and other Cities in North America

“Verify Locksmith Security Business licence” at the following BC Government site:

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Terry Whin-Yates is the president and CEO of Mr. Locksmith. Terry grew up in Ontario, where his father and grandfather taught him how to pick locks. He moved to BC to get his master’s degree in Criminology. Today he lives in Vancouver and his children work in the business. Mr. Locksmith has several locksmith franchisees, all of whom are like extensions of the family business.

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