How to Duplicate a Broken Key

How to Duplicate a Broken KeyHow to Duplicate a Broken Key: Terry from Mr. Locksmith demonstrates how to cut a broken car key using a Nissan key as an example. Terry shows the step-by-step process of clamping and cutting the key, noting that this is a quick and dirty method which typically works but sometimes necessitates cutting the key by code. He mentions that older cars may not have a dealer code available, making this duplication method useful.

How to Duplicate a Broken Key

How to Cut a Broken Nissan Car Key | Mr. Locksmith Tips

Terry from Mr. Locksmith demonstrates how to cut a broken Nissan car key. Measuring and cutting the damaged key without the use of a code machine, showing how to handle a key that is significantly worn. Terry discusses the importance of precise measurements and why sometimes it may be necessary to use an alternative method, such as cutting by code. This quick and practical guide offers an efficient solution for duplicating a broken car key.

Hi, I’m Terry from Mr. Locksmith. Today, I’m going to walk you through the process of duplicating a broken car key. One of the most common issues we see is broken Nissan car keys. Usually the broken piece is stuck in the ignition, but this customer’s been fortunate. Their key broke cleanly, and they were able to retrieve the piece without trying to force it to turn in the ignition.

Broken Car Key

Today, we’ll use a broken Nissan key as our example. The key is quite worn, missing even the shoulders that would typically align it in the ignition. The first thing I do is measure the key from the end. While it is possible to cut a key by code, in this video, I’ll simply show you how to duplicate the key manually.

Clamping the Key

Our process begins by clamping the broken key into place. Due to the lack of shoulder on the key, I need to measure precisely from the end. Clamping it in, I’ll proceed to cut the key a little bit at a time to ensure accuracy and prevent slippage.

Duplicate Car Key

Slowly and carefully, I make the first cut. Despite the minimal grip allowed by the worn key, it cuts quite nicely. I then flip the key over and repeat the process on the other side, again measuring from the end due to the key’s extensive wear.

Observe closely, you can see just how worn this key is—it doesn’t even have the shoulder. Fortunately, the key broke off cleanly right at the deepest cut, which significantly simplifies the duplication process.

The Final Product

The bottom line is we’ve successfully duplicated the customer’s broken key. Despite its wear, the duplicated key is a precise copy of the original. This “quick and dirty” method often works well, though there are instances when keys must be cut more precisely by measuring the depths and using a code machine.

For keys that can’t be duplicated this way—perhaps because they’re too old to have a code from the dealer—we might need to locate a code on the car itself and create a key that way.


So, there you have it—an easy method for making a working key from a broken one. This How to Duplicate a Broken Key method is straightforward, efficient, and often gets the job done perfectly. Thank you for joining me today. This is Terry with Mr. Locksmith, your go-to for all your locksmith needs.

How to Duplicate a Broken Key
How to Duplicate a Broken Key

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