How to Pick a Sentry Safe Tubular Lock

How to Pick Sentry Safe Tubular Lock

How to Pick Sentry Safe Tubular Lock:

Mr. Locksmith demonstrates how to pick a tubular or ace lock commonly found on Sentry Safes. The process involves using a specific tubular lock pick tool. The presenter explains step-by-step, starting by ensuring the picks on the tool are flush by loosening a knob and pressing the tool on a flat surface. They then insert the lock pick into the tubular lock, apply gentle turning pressure, and bounce the pick lightly until the lock is open. Finally, the presenter mentions how the tool can be used to create a key and promises to show key-making in another video.

Learn the step-by-step process of picking a tubular lock, specifically focusing on Sentry Safes. The tutorial demonstrates the use of a tubular lock pick and provides detailed instructions on setting up the picks, applying pressure, and unlocking the lock. Additionally, the video touches on how to lock the picks in place to potentially create a key. Ideal for beginners, this guide aims to show how simple it can be to pick this type of lock, with a promise of more advanced content in future videos.

How to Pick Sentry Safe Tubular Lock

Have you ever wondered how to pick a tubular lock? One of the most popular locks we frequently pick is the Sentry Safe, which features a little tubular or ace lock. In this guide, I’ll show you the steps I follow using my preferred tubular lock pick. Let’s dive right in and see how it’s done.

Prepare the Tubular Lock Pick

To start, I haven’t picked this particular lock yet, so you’ll be witnessing the process for the first time just as I am. The first step involves making sure that all the little picks on our lock pick tool are flush. Here’s how we do it:

  • Loosen the knob on the pick.
  • Place it on a flat surface.
  • Ensure all the picks are flat against the surface.

Once everything is flat, gently lock it down. Remember not to tighten it too much, just secure it gently.

Introducing the Tubular Pick to the Lock

Next, we prepare to insert the pick into the tubular lock. One crucial detail to note is the tiny notch inside the lock, which aligns with a corresponding notch on your pick. Here’s how to proceed:

  • Insert the lock pick into the lock, ensuring the notches are aligned.
  • Apply light turning pressure to the right.
  • Gently bounce the pick up and down, applying gentle pressure.

Picking the Tubular Lock

Now that we have the pick in place and aligned, we need to proceed with unlocking the lock:

  • Maintain a light, turning pressure to the right.
  • Continue the bouncing motion with the pick, being careful not to apply too much force.

You should feel the lock picking up the pattern and, eventually, it will unlock. You will notice that the tension has pushed the little picks in, creating an impression of the lock’s mechanism.

Resetting and Locking Down

Once the lock is unlocked, it’s essential to understand how to reset the pick and utilize the impression made by the picks:

  • Turn the pick back to the locked position. If the pick came out wrong, this step helps realign everything.
  • Observe how the little picks have been pushed in due to the tension.
  • Now, you can lock these picks down into place.

Making a Tubular Key

With the picks now locked down, you essentially have the combination for that tubular lock. This setup allows you to make a key for the lock using a specialized key machine. However, creating a key is beyond the scope of this guide. I’ll cover the key-making process in another video.


Picking a tubular lock, like the one found on a Sentry Safe, may seem daunting, but with the right tools and a step-by-step approach, it becomes a manageable

task. Remember, the key steps are to properly prepare your pick, carefully introduce it to the lock, apply gentle pressure, and capture the lock’s pattern. Always approach the process with patience and a delicate touch.

Whether you’re a locksmith, a security professional, or simply someone interested in understanding locks better, mastering the art of picking a tubular lock can be incredibly useful. Stay tuned for our next guide, where we’ll explore how to make a key from the impressions you’ve obtained.


It’s crucial to use your lock-picking skills responsibly. Only pick locks that you own or have explicit permission to pick. Unethical or illegal use of lock-picking can lead to serious legal consequences. With that said, let’s summarize the main points one last time:

Summary of the Tubular Lock Pick

1: Prepare the Pick

  • Loosen the knob and ensure all picks are flat on a surface.
  • Secure the picks gently without overtightening.

2: Introduce the Pick to the Lock

  • Insert the pick into the lock, aligning the notches.
  • Apply light turning pressure to the right.
  • Gently bounce the pick up and down.

3: Picking the Lock

  • Continue the gentle turning and bouncing motions until the lock unlocks.
  • Observe the tension changing the position of the little picks.

4: Reset and Lock Down

  • Turn back to locked position if needed.
  • Lock the picks down to capture the impression.

5: Making a Key (Future Guide)

  • Utilize the locked-down picks to create a key using a special key machine.

By following these straightforward steps, you should be able to pick a tubular lock with practice and patience. If you have any questions or need further guidance, feel free to leave a comment below, and I’ll be happy to assist!

Stay ethical and responsible with your newfound skills.

Happy picking!

How to Pick a Sentry Safe Tubular Lock
How to Pick a Sentry Safe Tubular Lock

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