How to Rekey a Schlage SecureKey Deadbolt by Mr. Locksmith

Schlage SecureKey locks are customer rekeyable locks. You must have an existing Reset (blue) key and a different cut Reset (blue) key and operating keys. The lock is identifiable with a “+” stamped at the top center of the keyway or cylinder plug.


Mr. Locksmith Schlage SecureKey Deadbolt

Step One
a) Insert Reset (blue) key into deadbolt lock.

b) Turn Reset (blue) key 30 degrees left (counter clockwise).

Mr. Locksmith Schlage SecureKey Deadbolt

c) Remove Reset (blue) key from lock (Note: do not turn key).

Mr. Locksmith Schlage SecureKey Deadbolt

Step Two
a) Insert new Reset (blue) key into keyway.

b) Turn new Reset (blue) key Right 30 degrees (clockwise).

c) Remove Reset (blue) key from lock.

Final Step Three
Test lock with New Schlage keys (matching Step Two Reset (blue) key).

 Mr. Locksmith Schlage SecureKey Deadbolt

Note: Do not use Reset (blue) key for everyday use.

Mr. Locksmith Schlage SecureKey Deadbolt

Blue Key Blank (Left), Blue Key Cut (Center) and Regular or daily use key (Right)

The Reset (blue) key has a thinner key blade and different millings than a regular Schlage SC1 key.

If you have lost all yours keys to the Schlage SecureKey lock(s) you must replace the lock cylinder. (Good time to upgrade the lock cylinder to a regular or commercial Schlage cylinder).

I highly recommend most of the Schlage deadbolts and key-in-knobs. I have been installing Schlage deadbolts for over 30 years and my favorite is the B660 Heavy Duty and Primus High Security deadbolts. However, the Schlage SecureKey Deadbolt in its current configuration has similar weaknesses as the Weiser Smart Key and Kwikset Smart Key locks. The Schlage SecureKey lock can be picked by experienced locksmiths (Weiser Smart Key lock picking competitions have Schlage SecureKey as a comparison). However, the Weiser Smart Key can be opened in seconds while the Schlage SecureKey is slightly more secure.

In future blogs I will demonstrate how easy it is to defeat these locks and why you should not install these customer rekeyable locks on your home or business. Again, Schlage has a great line of residential and commercial grade deadbolts and locks but I cannot recommend the Schlage SecureKey locks for my customers.

I appreciate any comments especially from Schlage or Weiser / Kwikset (Black and Decker).

Terry Whin-Yates BA Hons (Criminology)
3rd Generation Master Locksmith 
25+ Years Experience
BC Security Business License : B4227



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