How to Shim Open a Padlock

How to Shim Open a Padlock | Mr. Locksmith

How to Shim Open a Padlock Mr. Locksmith: The video demonstrates how to bypass an electronic Bluetooth Padlock that costs around $123 on Amazon. Mr. Locksmith explains how to use a simple shim made from an aluminum can to unlock the device. By cutting and shaping the shim, they show how to defeat each side of the lock with basic tools and methods. The key message is that supposedly ‘smart’ locks can often be easily compromised with straightforward techniques.

How to Shim Open a Padlock

In today’s era of advanced technology, smart locks are often portrayed as the epitome of secure home protection. But how secure are they really? In this guide, we will expose the vulnerabilities of the Dog & Bone’s Locksmart Mini through simple, basic defeat methods. We’ll show you how ease of access can often be achieved with everyday items, proving that not all that glitters is gold in the world of smart technology.

Locksmart Mini Padlock

The Locksmart Mini from Dog & Bone is an electronic Bluetooth lock that’s available on Amazon. Prices range from $90 to $123, depending on the deal you find. The lock advertises a keyless entry system, ostensibly rendering traditional lockpicking tools useless against it.

The Tools of the Trade

To demonstrate the vulnerability of this lock, you’ll need something as simple as a tin can. Yes, that’s right. A beverage can like Pepsi or Orange Crush, paired with an everyday pair of scissors, is sufficient to expose the weakness in the system.

Step-By-Step Guide to Shimming the Lock

1. Prepare Your Aluminum Shim:

   – Start by cutting the tin can with scissors.

   – Create a small notch, commonly referred to as an “M” shape, to assist in the shimming process.

2. Forming the Shim:

   – Fold the top ofthe cut can to better fit the lock’s mechanism.

   – Professional shims are available on the market, but this DIY approach is cost-effective and simple.

3. Shim the Lock:

   – Insert the shim into the lock.

   – Maneuver it around until it engages the mechanism.

   – The process involves exploiting the spring-loaded mechanism of the lock—a technique applicable to many so-called smart locks.

The underlying principle here is to bypass the lock by manipulating its internal components, not unlike traditional lockpicking but with tools readily available in any household.

Within seconds and without any signs of forced entry, the Locksmart Mini can be opened. This simple demonstration sheds light on the fact that high-tech locks may not be as secure as advertised.

Conclusion: Smart Locks Aren’t Always Smart

This exercise underscores the critical message: don’t place blind trust in locks just because they are marketed as “smart.” The Dog & Bone’s Locksmart Mini, despite its tech allure, fails to withstand basic methods of compromise.

Final Thoughts

When considering a lock, do your research. Look for comprehensive reviews and maybe consult a locksmith. High-tech doesn’t always equate to high security, and it’s essential to ensure that the lock you choose can truly protect what matters to you.


How to Shim Open a Padlock
How to Shim Open a Padlock


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