IdeaNova Unveils INPLAY Cloud Platform at APEX Expo

Airlines will be able to collect audio and video assets, encryption keys and DRM licenses and stream in real-time for quick onboarding

BOSTON, Sept. 25, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — APEX ExpoIdeaNova, a leading provider of Inflight Entertainment (IFE), today announced the launch of INPLAY Cloud Platform (ICP), a new solution for management of audio and video assets, encryption keys and DRM license issuance.  ICP provides an affordable, scalable platform available for quick onboarding by customers who need immediate access to media management, encryption and license operations around the world.

IdeaNova will be presenting the INPLAY Cloud Platform in Booth #704 at APEX Expo, September 25 -27, in Boston. The company will also be showcasing and demonstrating its recently announced INPLAY VR and INPLAY Live solutions.

“INPLAY Cloud Platform is a natural extension of our existing products that are used by customers around the world.  By moving some components from on-premise to the cloud, we achieve better scalability and faster onboarding of our products’ features and functionalities,” said Janne Pelkonen, CTO, IdeaNova Technologies.  “Our products can still be deployed on-premise, giving customers the choice of on-premise deployment, in cloud utilization or even a combination of both options. This modular deployment gives customers additional flexibility that they can leverage when onboarding DRM functionalities required by their business.”

INPLAY Cloud Platform provides encoding and encryption services, including encryption key management and DRM license issuance for Widevine and FairPlay DRM.  It offers virtually unlimited scalability and utilizes a per transaction cost model that allows customers to “pay as they go – or use our services.”  The platform is hosted on a leading public cloud service leveraging such technologies as serverless and Kubernetes for dynamic scaling, API Gateway for individualized access management, and detailed usage reporting for accurate business analytics.  And since ICP is built on modern and open cloud native technologies, the solution lends itself to hosted or on-premise configuration. This is an important option as it might better meet some customer expectations as well as increased security requirements requested by studios.   The platform also implements very fast and efficient scaling techniques to adapt to variances in customer demands. 

By 2020, 80% of internet traffic will be represented by video.  “This is an exciting new area that will allow us to enhance and deliver new features and functionality required by the growing demand for video consumption,” said Pelkonen. 
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