Keys Locked in Car Trunk, 24 Hr Mr. Locksmith Emergency Mobile Service

At 24 hr Mr. Locksmith Automotive Locksmith I get emergency lockout calls from people who have lost car keys or have locked their keys in the car. When you have just locked your keys in the car most tow truck companies can open the car or truck, however, when the keys are locked in the truck you need a Mr. Locksmith Professional Auto Lock smith. Our car locksmith is fully trained to open the trunk of the car without damage to the door lock or trunk lock. Mr. Locksmith can even open high security locks on BMW and Lexus cars without damaging your car.

At Mr. Locksmith our Automotive Lock smiths have special lock pick sets and picking tools to open the car when you have lost car keys or keys locked in car or trunk. Our own Mr. Locksmith Trade School teaches a car locksmithing course that is hands on training to use special BMW and High Security lock pick sets to open locked car trunks.


About Terry Whin-Yates

Terry Whin-Yates is the president and CEO of Mr. Locksmith. Terry grew up in Ontario, where his father and grandfather taught him how to pick locks. He moved to BC to get his master’s degree in Criminology. Today he lives in Vancouver and his children work in the business. Mr. Locksmith has several locksmith franchisees, all of whom are like extensions of the family business.

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