Knipex Pliers Replace Adjustable Wrenches

Knipex Pliers Adjustable Wrench:

Knipex Pliers Adjustable Wrench


I am now replacing my crescent wrenches and other pliers with the Knipex pliers. Now, I do not use this. I saw it for sale and it wasn’t expensive and I bought it and I just hang it on the shop wall, so I just thought I would show you. So this is what I use. I’ve been using this forever and in my installation kit, in my everyday carry. I saw this. I am very, very happy with my Knipex tools, so I thought I’d replace this crescent wrench in my everyday carry and it’s getting heavy, but I’m trying to make it lighter. So I replaced it with this. So let’s just take a peek at what we got here. So what bugs the heck out of me on my crescent wrench, it doesn’t matter what you’re doing. It always comes loose. So you’re trying to use it, I put up with this my whole life. Unless you got the exact tool you’re needing, but in your locksmith case, this is what I use and I really just need, I use it mostly for mailbox locks. So I’m happy with my other tools.

Knipex Pliers Adjustable Wrenche
Knipex Pliers Adjustable Wrench

Knipex Adjustable Wrench Locksmith Tools

This is the Knipex pliers and it’s got the little button here. look at wide that goes. So this crescent wrench is going in the spare kit. This is going in my everyday carry, in my tool case. So that’s the Knipex. Look at that. No matter what angle it does, it’s locked in. It’s not gonna move on me ’til I push the button and move it where I wanna go. So this is gonna be really handy and Knipex Pliers Ia going to show you how I use it on a mailbox lock. So this is my mailbox lock. The Mailbox lock kit has all the different tail pieces for it. So let’s just put this tail piece on there for now. Just for the demonstrations. Normally, I usually install it first and then I put this on last. I’m trying to make this good for the camera to see. Go finger tight. Now what I can do hold my lock. Take the key out, really, put that on there. They are down there just snug. You can really over-tighten these, so be careful. Give a little test. Lube that up. Knipex Pliers Adjustable Wrench

Knipex Pliers Adjustable Wrenche
Knipex Pliers Adjustable Wrench

So, perfect. So this tool has replaced my crescent wrench. So this Knipex pliers has now replaced my crescent wrench, which for years has driven me nuts, but I didn’t really have anything better. This is way better. I willl be using this every day now and soon I will have some more videos with this in action on job sites.

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