Lion Dance opens Mr. Locksmith Key Store for luck and fortune (Video).

Lion Dance opens Mr. Locksmith Key Store for luck and fortune.  Vancouver Magazines Voted “Best Locksmith” has now moved into SFU Harbour Centre Mall.

The Lion Dance video performed as a ceremony to scare away evil spirits and to summon luck and fortune for the new Mr. Locksmith Key Store.
The Chinese Lion Dance goes back some one thousand years. The lions express joy and happiness. From the fourth day to the fifteenth of the New Year, lion dance groups would tour from village to village in traditional China.The Lion Dance also plays an important role in the consecration of temples and other building, at business openings, planting and harvest times, official celebrations, and religious rites. For a proper lion dance, the movements must match the music played by a minimum of three pieces: drum, gong and cymbal.  Payment to the performing group is usually made through the Choy Cheng, or “Eating of the Green (Vegetable) with a lucky red envelope (with the payment enclosed) which is tied to some vegetable matter such as loose leaf lettuce. The greens are placed in an area for the lion to “eat.” The lion will carefully approach the “green” and even test it to make sure that it is safe and not a firecracker or other dangerous item. After testing on the left and right sides, the lion will do a “3-Star” routine (stepping to the 3-Star music) to ward off any others that may want to eat his “green.
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Terry Whin-Yates is the president and CEO of Mr. Locksmith. Terry grew up in Ontario, where his father and grandfather taught him how to pick locks. He moved to BC to get his master’s degree in Criminology. Today he lives in Vancouver and his children work in the business. Mr. Locksmith has several locksmith franchisees, all of whom are like extensions of the family business.

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