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Locksmith Horror Stories, Has This Happened To You

Locksmith Horror Stories, Has This Happened To You

At 24 hr Mr. Locksmith I get emergency lockout calls from people who have been locked out of their apartment, condo, house, dorm, car or room. (the most popular lockout is “Locked out of Bedroom”).

It’s safe to say that most, if not all, of us have been locked out or lost our keys at some point of our lives. I have been locked out of my locksmith service van and all my locksmith tools are inside the locked truck. BCAA loves it when I call them and describe “its’ the white van with “Mr. Locksmith” written on the side of the truck.” Very embarrassing! Some people are lucky and a friend, neighbour or landlord lets you in, my sons have spare keys to my place. Note: I have High Security locks installed and they are pick resistant (“pick proof”) and drill resistant. Worst case, people find a weak spot and break into their own place or you call a 24hr emergency locksmith serving .

However, some people are having Locksmith Horror Stories by being overcharged or ripped off by fake unlicensed locksmith companies operating in Vancouver, Downtown Vancouver and the Lower Mainland of BC. Fake locksmiths has been a huge problem in major cities in the United States.

These unlicensed locksmith companies have state low prices $39.00 and 15 minute service (when was the last time you could drive anywhere in Vancouver and guarantee 15 minute service?).

Fred, not his real name, who felt they had been ripped off by a locksmith on February 7th, 2011 in North Vancouver called me inquiring about getting a receipt for work done and why extra charges had been put on his Visa without authorization. He wrongly assumed the work was completed by us. After further investigation and looking at our call out sheets and him reviewing his Visa statement we tracked down the fake locksmith company.

Fred was locked out of his apartment and had called a locksmith company stating they were a licensed locksmith company in BC and with experienced locksmiths. Fred paid over $400 to have his apartment door lock picked open!!! He paid $300 cash and another $100+ was charged to his Visa without Freds authorization. (He was lucky, most of the fake locksmiths just drill or hammer the lock to open the door).

At the time Fred thought the charge was exorbitant but he paid rather than have a confrontation. He didn’t even get a receipt. The lack of receipt and the extra charge to his Visa was the reason he called me. By Freds’ description of the person doing the job, Visa statement (the Visa statement didn’t have the proper company name on it, another story) and cell phone numbers I was able to point him to the fake unlicensed locksmith company operating out of Downtown Vancouver (also, it appears the person is not a fully qualified locksmith).
It sounds awful, perhaps far-fetched but this situation happens everyday in Vancouver.

In theory British Columbia has a locksmith licensing program and it did help to shut down a fake locksmith company last year ripping people off and the end result was one of the fake locksmiths was deported. However, many fake locksmiths and locksmith companies are still operating in Vancouver.

Protect yourself, you can “Verify Locksmith Security Business licence” at the following BC Government site:

Also, you can file a complaint to the Registrar of Security Programs and Police Division. The complaint process can be used to report unlicensed companies and locksmiths.

Complaint Process – How to file a complaint against a Security Licensee

Mr. Locksmith (BC Security Company License : B4227) is Professional Locksmiths is a family owned and operated business that provides Professional Locksmithing & Security Services in Vancouver, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Richmond, Ladner, Delta, Tsawwassen, New Westminster, Burnaby, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Port Moody, Maple Ridge, and Surrey on a 24 hour basis. All our locksmiths are family. Please call today and ask for Terry.

Mr. Locksmith Halloween Pumpkin
Mr. Locksmith Halloween Pumpkin

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