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Locksmith Training Classes in Victoria, Vancouver, Calgary and Canada

Locksmith Training Classes in Victoria, Vancouver, Calgary and Canada. For further info go to

The locksmith training class provides a hands-on introduction to basic Locksmithing. By the end of the course you will know how to cut keys, rekey locks, pick locks, and design a master-key system. The class is intended to teach engineering or maintenance employees for large facilities (School, Hospital, Corrections, Policing, Locksmith Business, etc.) and is a good start for beginners. The course includes all supplies, lock picks, tools and material needed for basic Locksmithing. Successful locksmiths are often independent, self-motivated individuals who are experts in precision work. They usually enjoy solving problems and helping people

The course is taught by Terry Whin-Yates, 3rd Generation Locksmith, owner and operator of British Columbia’s largest locksmith company. Terry has over 40 years of experience in the Locksmith Industry and has run a successful Locksmith College for 15+ years. Terry is the founder of Mr. Locksmith, BC’s largest and most successful Locksmith company.

Course Outline

A History of Locks: A brief history of the development of lock technology across the ages

Keys and Key Cutting: Learn how to identify and clone various types of keys and how to generate new keys.

Rekey Locks: Learn how to dismantle and rekey all major types of locks, including; deadbolts, handlesets, key-in-knobs, mortise cylinders, removable cores, and padlocks.

Master Key Systems: Design your own master-key system. Includes a lesson on master-key coding, cutting master keys, and rekeying locks to fit the master-key system.

Lock Troubleshooting: Locksmithing is all about trouble shooting. You will earn how to identify, troubleshoot, and repair common lock problems.

Lock Picking: The course includes a set of picks and tension wrenches. You will learn 3 basic picking techniques and will have dedicated practice time picking deadbolts and handlesets.

Locksmith Course Dates

Victoria, BC

April 11-12, 2015 – Saturday/Sunday Days (9am-5pm) $695.00

April 13-16, 2015 -Monday -Thursday (9am-5pm) $1500.00

April 13-16, 2015 – Monday -Thursday (6pm-9pm) $695.00

Call Brian Whin-Yates for further information Cell: (250) 999-8990

Vancouver, BC

May 9-10, 2015 – Saturday/Sunday Days (9am-5pm) $695.00

May 11-15, 2015 -Monday -Thursday (9am-5pm) $1500.00

May 11-15, 2015 – Monday -Thursday (6pm-9pm) $695.00

Calgary Alberta

May 19-20, 2015 – Tuesday  / Wednesday (9am-5pm) $695.00

May 19-22, 2015 – Tuesday – Friday (9am-5pm) $1500.00

Regina, Saskatchewan

May 23-24, 2015 – Saturday/Sunday  (9am-5pm) $695.00

May 25-28, 2015 -Monday -Thursday (9am-5pm) $1500.00

Winnipeg, Manitoba

June 01-02, 2015 – Monday / Tuesday  (9am-5pm) $695.00

June 01-04, 2015 -Monday -Thursday (9am-5pm) $1500.00

Thunder Bay, Ontario

June 08-09, 2015 – Monday/Tuesday (9am-5pm) $695.00

June 08-12, 2015 -Monday -Thursday (9am-5pm) $1500.00

Sudbury, Ontario

June 15-16, 2015 – Saturday/Sunday Days (9am-5pm) $695.00

June 15-18, 2015 -Monday -Thursday (9am-5pm) $1500.00

Toronto, Ontario

June 22-23, 2015 – Saturday/Sunday Days (9am-5pm) $695.00

June 22-25, 2015 -Monday -Thursday (9am-5pm) $1500.00

London, Ontario

July 06-07, 2015 – Saturday/Sunday Days (9am-5pm) $695.00

July 06-09, 2015 -Monday -Thursday (9am-5pm) $1500.00

Ottawa, Ontario

July 13-14, 2015 – Saturday/Sunday Days (9am-5pm) $695.00

July 13-, 2015 -Monday -Thursday (9am-5pm) $1500.00

Moncton, New Brunswick TBA

Note: All students must pass a criminal record check.

Book online or call or email Terry Whin-Yates for more details:

Four (4) Day Hands-On Locksmith Class: 

4 Days Hands-on Locksmith Class

Two (2) Day Hands-On Locksmith Class:

Introduction to Locksmithing Class


Cell: 1-604-773-5625

Toll Free: 1-888-517-7226

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