Wendt Electro-Pick

Marc Tobias Part I of 4: Opening pin tumbler locks in seconds with Electro-picks

Marc Tobias Part I of 4: Opening pin tumbler locks in seconds with Electro-picks Opening pin tumbler locks in seconds with Electro-picks. 

For further information go to www.forbes.com/

Marc has travelled the World and he is wrting a four part series for Forbes on how the security of locks can be quickly circumvented with simple to sophisticated tools produced for locksmiths and government agencies.

Marc writes about a specialized group of security experts, tool designers, and manufacturers that offer some incredibly well-engineered, clever, and often-sophisticated devices to open just about anything imaginable from the highest security cylinders to safes and even the most expensive cars

My favorite electronic is pick is the electro-pick that was designed by the Wendt Company.

Wendt Electro-Pick
Wendt Electro-Pick


In the upcoming serices he will talk about the  “Sputnik” is demonstrated by Oliver Diederichsen, the tool was actually developed by Mladen Percic,  a German burglar, the Lishi car opening tools whick are legend in the industry and Alexandre Triffault, a French lock expert and programmer who designed a computer program to generate keys with 3D printers to compromise the key control of just about every mechanical cylinder with a scanned image and key system data.

I look forward to reading and watching the entire series. Again,go to www.forbes.com/ and watch Marcs Video.


In the near furture I will have a post my video showing the Wendt Electro-pick in action. See it first on my Mr. Locksmith YouTube Channel

If you are a licenesed Locksmith or Government Agency and want to purchase Wendt Electro-picks email me “Terry@mrlocksmith.com”

For now watch this fun video.


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