Milwaukee Titanium Drill Bit Set

Milwaukee Titanium Drill Bit Set: Nice set of drill bits and very good for drilling metal.


Milwaukee Titanium Drill Bit Set

The MILWAUKEE Titanium Drill Bit Set is engineered for extreme durability and long life. The QUAD EDGE tip delivers a precision start and four cutting edges to create smaller chips for faster removal and less heat leading to longer bit life. Designed with a Variable Helix that includes an aggressive 35 degree helical angle, which ends at 15 degree, these tapered drill bits with RED HELIX provide Rapid Chip Removal limiting heat buildup to Stay Sharper Longer. The bits also feature an internal ENHANCED TAPERED WEB that greatly increases their strength, reducing premature breakage. Ideal for various applications including but not limited to wood, plastics, and metals, Milwaukee Red Helix Titanium Drill Bits provide up to 5X life vs. black oxide drill bits.

  • 5X Life vs. Black Oxide Drill Bits
  • 1/4-inch Hex Shank. Use in Drills or Impact Drivers
  • SHOCKWAVE Impact Duty Bits
  • 135 degree Split Point Tip
  • Titanium Coated for longer life
  • Ideal for Wood, Plastics, & Metals

Milwaukee Drill Bit Set

SHOCKWAVE Drill Bits Included: (2) 1/16-inch, (2) 5/64-inch, (1) 3/32-inch, (2) 7/64-inch, (2) 1/8-inch, (2) 9/64-inch, (2) 5/32-inch, (1) 11/64-inch, (2) 3/16-inch, (1) 13/64-inch, (1) 7/32-inch, (1) 15/64-inch, (2) 1/4-inch, (1) 5/16-inch, (1) 3/8-inch

Milwaukee Titanium Drill Bit Set
Milwaukee Titanium Drill Bit Set

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Milwaukee Titanium Drill Bit SetTerry Whin-Yates


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