Modern Mainframe Tool Updates Released by Phoenix Software International

EL SEGUNDO, Calif., Oct. 02, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — On September 27, 2018, Phoenix Software International delivered (E)JES V5R8, an update to its z/OS system management tool. Phoenix Software continues its leadership role in helping address the z/OS skills gap by leveraging the latest technology and creating software solutions with a focus on interface modernization.  This update represents a continuation of this strategy by enhancing interfaces to be more easily navigated by both millennials and those uncomfortable with traditional 3270 interfaces.  Enhancements include:

  • Guided installation using a z/OSMF workflow
  • Additional system programmer productivity tools
  • Ability to email JES reports as PDF attachments
  • Support for pervasive AES-256 encryption of proprietary data sets
  • (E)JES Web’s server now supports the use of IBM’s WebSphere Liberty

“Even as we modernize (E)JES for the web and other environments, we strive to adhere to the principle of least astonishment,” said Ed Jaffe, Chief Technology Officer. “We maintain consistency across interfaces so that all users find our products intuitive and the features easily discoverable.”

Fred Hoschett, President of Phoenix Software, said, “The Phoenix Software development team strives to stay ahead of the pack by continuing to adopt bleeding edge technology. This idea is ingrained in our development philosophy. We do it because we care about performance and reducing customer costs.”

Phoenix Software mainframe products zHISR, CONDOR, FALCON, and CYGNET also received maintenance releases. More information and product downloads are available on the Phoenix Software International website:

About Phoenix Software International

Phoenix Software International, Inc. ( is a systems software development company providing software solutions to enterprises around the world. Phoenix offers a wide range of products for the mainframe platform as well as Windows- and Web-based workstation platforms.

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