Beware of Scammer Locksmiths

Mr. Locksmith Warns Consumers of Vancouver Locksmith Scammers

Mr. Locksmith Warns Consumers of Locksmith Scammers

VANCOUVER, BC- Terry Whin-Yates and Mr. Locksmith warned Consumers in the Vancouver area to beware of locksmith scammers who perform unnecessary work or charge exorbitant un-locking fees. The Associated Locksmiths of America, Inc. (ALOA), an international association of locksmith and physical security professionals, recently issued an official warning for many cities in North America area.

“These companies manipulate listings and quote $15 prices and 15 minute response time. The victims frequently are calling out-of-province or Canada operations that are not locksmith companies at all. The consumer is quoted a reasonable price over the phone, but when a person posing as a locksmith finishes the job, the victim is charged a considerable amount more for unnecessary and sub-standard work”.

Mr. Locksmith and Terry Whin-Yates suggest “Make sure you do a little investigative work first”. “If you’re not comfortable with who’s coming to help you, the chances are you may be dealing with a scammer.”

ASK: When contacting a locksmith, if the legal business name isn’t stated, ask for it. If there’s hesitation, there’s cause for concern. Hang up and move on.

VERIFY: Written estimates should be supplied before work begins, along with an itemized invoice upon completion.

CONFIRM: In British Columbia all Locksmith companies must have a valid “Locksmith Business License” and the Locksmith must have a valid “BC Locksmith License” with photo identification.

CHECK & CONFIRM : The locksmith should have a valid British Columbia locksmith license/registration and you can check the locksmith company before you schedule any work.

Protect yourself, you can “Verify Locksmith Security Business licence” at the following BC Government site:

SHOW: The qualified locksmith should always ask for your proof of ID and authorization to begin work upon arrival, as well as supply his or her own professional identification and credentials.

REFUSE: If, for any reason, you’re uncomfortable, it is your right to refuse service.

If you feel that you have been the victim a scheme as described above, Mr. Locksmith recommends that you file a complaint to the Registrar of Security Programs and Police Division. The complaint process can be used to report unlicensed companies and locksmiths.

Complaint Process – How to file a complaint against a Security Licensee

In conclusion, Mr. Locksmith recommends you Check for a valid BC Locksmith license number.

Beware of Scammer Locksmiths
Beware of Scammer Locksmiths

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