My Favorite Tubular Lock Picks 2023

My Favorite Tubular Lock Picks 2023: Most Tubular Locks can easily be picked with most available Tubular Lock Picks. However, the better quality tubular picks make the job go faster and picking easier.

My Favorite Tubular Lock Picks


Hi, I am Terry and today i’m going to talk about Tubular Lock Picks.

I found between the inexpensive and the expensive Tubular Picks it’s all about the same. It gets in. You hear me say all the time you’re going to pick locks “practice, practice, practice.  However, most of the safes I am picking are or mostly tubular locks that I am picking are on offshore safes or sentry safes.  Almost anything will open them. You have seen videos where they take a big pen and open it. The safe are very simple to open and if they don’t if you can’t pick it then you just drill the lock and replace it. They are not that difficult to open.  I will have more videos on exactly how to pick them and I will have different videos on on the Membership Channel on how to drill them and other bypass methods. I am just going to show you some of my favorite picks that I have had over the years.



My Favorite Tubular Lock Picks

My Favorite Tubular Lock Picks


One of my first Tubular Pick I ever got and they don’t even make these unfortunately anymore. I still have one in mint condition this is a Peanut. It is just quite simple to set you basically just make sure everything is is flush. I will go into that in the picking videos in more detail. I have an offshore, which means Chinese made, when I say when I say offshore it’s usually Chinese made these are really inexpensive and it does the trick on the cheapy locks. Offshore tubular locks the real ones that are North American made tubular locks can be extremely difficult to pick. However, with all the offshore stuff there’s no tolerances they just make them cheap and you just need something to defeat them usually you can pick them real quick.

How to Open Tubular Lock without Key

I will show you in a few minutes this is another one I have had for a long time it’s made by Hudson but it’s kind of interesting HPC which is one of the oldest ones I have is exactly the same so I don’t know.

It’s just rebranded as a HPC but HPC has a lot of products some of them are good some of them are not. I found their their picks are okay and this is a Hudson. I have seen different names on stuff so I don’t know who’s who. These are the more expensive ones a little bit more precise. It is kind of interesting, the the secret of these is is to have you can’t have the little picks extending. You can with this is a tensioner and you just have to find a flat surface make sure it’s all flat.  Now the interesting thing is you have to adjust your tension the interesting thing when you are picking these once you got it to turn lock this down and I can put this in and decode it and cut a key on a code machine, a tubular code machine or i have some old style key machines. I can just copy this key and

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I have a key for the customer some of the high quality picks of these are extremely expensive however i found this does the trick what i use these two for is Harley Davidsons they have very high quality tubular locks on them and so they should you’re paying a lot of money for that Harley and with a lot of practice and we are pretty successful in picking the Harleys. Lock it down and decode it and we cut a key on the code machine. I will show you a video on that coming up. I use whatever is handy this is these actually these two are in my uh in my pick set, the Peanut was really good the Peanut was is an excellent but it was just made out of plastic and you people were breaking them. But it was a great and handy light and everything. I would say when i this is probably I use the Hudson or the HPCs the most popular it just picks those Sentry Safe locks in a second. I hate to pick on sentry (not really)  but I do so. There are other methods to defeat them as well and there is more on the YouTube membership channel.  What do you buy just get something inexpensive because 80 percent of the locks out there are crap and if you want to put a little bit more money into it i recommend the HPC or the Hudson. There are a few other high quality ones and I have some more coming in and we will do videos on them.  Join the Membership Channel you can see how I pick these and how i drill them when all else fails  how I drill the locks. I hope you enjoyed the video have a good day. I hope you enjoyed watching this video subscribe to my channel also visit my website and you can see what online locksmith training i have for beginners intermediate and advanced as well as my covert methods of entry and my non-destructive methods of entry. Mr. Locksmith.


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My Favorite Tubular Lock Picks

My Favorite Tubular Lock Picks


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