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I have many people ask about How to become a Locksmith, how to fix locks, how to pick locks, etc.  I have started the become a locksmith website to answer these many questions and also as a source of Locksmithing information.  I will update the new website with reviews of locksmith tools, key machines, code machines, locksmith training, associations etc.  The list is endless.

Sources of Locksmith training,, Locksmith Colleges,  hands on classes and correspondence course will be available and I will Blog about the locksmith courses too.

Also, I will have the most recent information on locksmith licensing by Province and State.

My favorite topics will be highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of locksmith tools and security products we buy and sell on a daily business.

The next few Blogs I will talk abut ‘Lock Picking” and my new book “PENETRATION EXPERT: PROFESSIONAL LOCK PICKING FOR LOCKSMITHS AND APPRENTICE LOCKSMITHS by Terry Whin-Yates BA (Hons) 3rd Generation Locksmith.

If you have any comments or suggestions, go to and leave your comments.

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