Odaseva Launches Cockpit.AI, AI-powered data management for Salesforce Enterprise Users

Platform Offers First Automated Approach to Capacity Management, Incorporates AI-Driven Insights for Increased Efficiency and Improved Business Continuity

SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 30, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Odaseva, the all-in-one cloud data management platform for enterprises running Salesforce, today announced the release of its Cockpit.AI applications. With advanced machine learning capabilities, Cockpit.AI offers the first predictive capacity management system to help enterprise Salesforce users maximize the value of the platform by automating the process of monitoring and forecasting the use of platform allocations – such as file storage, data storage and API calls on Salesforce – which have set limitations and influence monthly platform costs and application performance. These allocations also pose the potential threat of business loss and service degradation when not managed with proper precision.

By eliminating the time-intensive – and often less-reliable – nature of manual forecasting to avoid limit overages, Cockpit.AI helps enterprise IT teams ensure efficiency and maximize the unparalleled value of the Salesforce platform by enabling a new level of certainty when it comes to storage and API capacity management without requiring unnecessary purchase of additional storage blocks or API call limits before the additional capacity is needed. The importance of system availability is especially pronounced when looking at the enterprise market: 83 percent of Fortune 500 companies currently count on consistent Salesforce system availability for many business functions and will benefit from the introduction of a service that helps maximize the platform’s value while maintaining cost efficiency.

“Odaseva Cockpit.AI makes the decision process on Salesforce data management much easier, faster and reliable,” said Fabrice Boivin, CRM solution owner at Orange Bank. “It allows Orange Bank to anticipate potential problematic data management situations (like API calls and storage limits) that could impact our business in a strong way. Before having this solution, we had to do complicated calculations to anticipate these situations. This solution offers us a complete, precise and automatic control of the Salesforce data performance indicators.”

With Cockpit.AI, IT teams are alerted when approaching usage limits, and are given the ability to predict capacity needs before incurring the cost of additional storage blocks or increased API call limits. As a result, the system administrator can strategically approach capacity management and balance system availability with pragmatic resource planning.

“Traditional data management practices don’t apply in the SaaS world, and when a large organization is implementing a system – such as Salesforce – it’s not only critical to be aware of capacity limitations from the outset, it’s equally important to precisely monitor usage data along the way,” said Christophe Bertrand, senior analyst for data protection at Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG). “Cockpit.AI lifts a curtain that has long stood between Salesforce users and their own capacity usage data. The result of this new visibility has the potential for massive impact when implemented at-scale, because Odaseva’s platform is about far more than avoiding a hefty overage fee when limitations are overlooked. Effective capacity management means avoiding the risk associated with tremendous business loss if – and when – an organization is blocked from accessing a critical platform after inadvertently surpassing allocated capacity limitations. The forecasting and visibility enabled by Cockpit.AI makes it much easier to sidestep a costly scenario and ensure business continuity.”

Cockpit.AI is powered by artificial intelligence (AI), using predictive models to determine an organization’s future data storage, file storage, BULK API call and REST API call needs.

Salesforce is a business-critical application and requires a high-performance architecture in order to ensure maximized value, just as any other business-critical tool does,” said Odaseva CEO, Sovan Bin. “Cockpit.AI’s real-time monitoring capabilities are as critical to enterprise users’ Salesforce success as the dashboard in a car on the freeway; it not only measures your speed, it also allows for predictive and contextual insights into potential problems and performance with control.”

Cockpit.AI is available now. To learn more about Cockpit.AI and Odaseva, visit www.odaseva.com.

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