OmniMetrix, Provider of Remote Monitoring and Control Solutions for Pipelines and Standby Generators, Introduces AIRGuard Solution for Air Compressors

BUFORD, Ga., Nov. 29, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — OmniMetrix, a provider of remote monitoring and control systems, primarily for gas pipelines and stand-by generators for businesses, homes, cell towers and other critical equipment, today announced the launch of its new AIRGuard brand of monitoring and control solutions for the industrial air compressor market.

OmniMetrix’s AIRGuard solution provides one of the most comprehensive compressor monitoring systems on the market. AIRGuard connects facility operators to their mission-critical air compressor assets instantly and anywhere from a PC, tablet or smartphone with real-time updates 24x7x365. Using patented, state-of-the-art technology, AIRGuard retrieves and transmits vital information to OmniMetrix’s cloud-based OmniView system, enabling users to access critical information, such as:

  • Air Pressure and Temperature;
  • Downstream Flowrate and Dewpoint Monitoring;
  • Compressor Warnings and Shutdowns;
  • Run & Load Hours, Motor Current; and
  • Detailed Alarm & Fault History.

AIRGuard easily connects (typically under an hour) to an air compressor through the data rich modbus port on the compressor’s control panel or via hardwired connections. AIRGuard also provides remote diagnostics, reading up to 256 different alarm or anolog conditions. Once a unit is active, all programming and updates are completed wirelessly and there is no local software to install. Data is also transmitted over cellular networks, thereby eliminating any need for wired Ethernet connections.

                        AIRGuard Spec Sheet

OmniMetrix President & CEO, Walter Czarnecki, commented, “We’re excited to introduce AIRGuard, our first product line designed specifically for the air compressor market. Our Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) expertise and technology enables us to monitor virtually any industrial engine application. We believe air compressors represent the next logical step in leveraging OmniMetrix’s expertise in industrial monitoring and control.

“While we first focused on the backup generator market, our strategy has always been to expand into other industrial applications. The air compressor opportunity, which we believe approximates the potential size of the standby generator market, provides a substantial new area of growth for our solutions, including existing customers.

“OmniMetrix brings 20 years of leading technology expertise, experience and a strong track record of success serving customers across the country. We continue to develop innovative solutions that leverage the benefits of IoT capabilities while at the same time focusing our sales and marketing efforts on communicating the compelling efficiency and value proposition of our remote monitoring and control solutions. AIRGuard represents a further step in building out our solutions set, and we have several other areas now under consideration.”

Why Monitor Air Compressors?
Compressed air is used in a variety of industrial processes, providing clean, safe and dependable power for a wide variety of areas, from manufacturing and maintenance to mining and oil exploration/production. Air compressors are often customized with specialized components to maximize performance, energy efficiency and reliability, making them mission critical elements in many industrial facilities. Industrial applications include powering pneumatic tools such as saws, hammers, wrenches, nail guns, etc., as well as tools for painting, sanding and dust/debris cleaning systems.

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