Police arrest the only female on Top 10 list of B.C.’s most wanted car thieves.

At Mr. Locksmith we have noticed a trend with Residential Break & Enters the thieves are stealing the homeowners car keys and stealing the car or van from the home.

Recently, the only female on the Top 10 list for most wanted car thieves in BC was arrested in Langley with the help of the police helicopter. The female car thief had allegedly broken into a Surrey home and had stolen the home owners minivan. The suspect was arrested when she stopped the van at a park in Langley to let her dog out.

Sgt. Gord Elias of the Integrated Municipal Provincial Auto Crime Team (IMPACT) stated “She’s a very well known car thief.”
Since the list was released, police have caught six of the 10 most wanted car thieves in B.C.

You can watch car thieves online getting caught after stealing a “bait” car at www.baitcar.com <http://www.baitcar.com/>

Most newer cars of equipped with a theft deterrent system with the car keys having an embedded transponder or chip that is matched to the car. The car will only start with the correct matched transponder chip key inserted into the ignition. However, if a theft breaks into your home they may find your spare car keys and steal your car.


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