Portable Jump Starters

Portable Jump Starters for Automotive Locksmiths

Portable Jump Starters for Automotive Locksmiths:

Portable Jump Starters for Automotive Locksmiths

The importance of jump boxes for locksmiths, particularly in servicing vehicles with dead batteries. We discuss the shortcomings of using inverters and how jump boxes provide a reliable alternative. We also highlight the effectiveness of jump boxes in powering key machines during programming. Additionally, we share our experiences with different brands and models, including our thoughts on Norco jump boxes for boosting versus programming. Join us as we share practical tips and insights from our locksmith service truck operations.

The Power of Jump Boxes in the Locksmith Business

Jump Boxes: Essential Tools for Auto Mobile Locksmith

Jump boxes have revolutionized the way we tackle dead batteries and power shortages in the locksmith industry. In this blog post, we delve into the practicality and efficiency of using jump boxes over traditional inverters, as shared by a seasoned locksmith.

Jump Boxes vs. Inverters

The speaker highlights the challenges faced when using inverters in vans and service vehicles. The reliability issues and glitches experienced with inverters led to the switch to jump boxes. Discover why jump boxes have become the go-to solution for locksmiths in need of a reliable power source.

Why Jump Boxes are Essential for Locksmiths – A Deep Dive

The blog post discusses how jump boxes not only solve power issues in vehicles but also serve a dual purpose by running key machines. Learn how this versatile tool can save time and ensure efficient programming of cars, even in low-power situations.

Durability and Performance

With insight from the locksmith, we uncover the durability of jump boxes, lasting around five years with proper maintenance. The reliability factor of jump boxes is showcased through real-world scenarios, emphasizing their longevity and effectiveness in the locksmith service truck.

Choosing the Right Jump Box

Exploring different brand options, the blog post touches on the speaker’s experience with various jump boxes and their preference for practicality over brand loyalty. Gain valuable insights into selecting the right jump box for your locksmith business based on performance and functionality.

Practical Applications in the Field

The blog post details the speaker’s experience with jump boxes from Canadian Tire, highlighting specific specs like 2000 amps and 700 watts. Additionally, the post discusses the use of Norcos and their limitations compared to jump boxes when programming vehicles, providing a comprehensive view of practical applications in the field.


In conclusion, the use of jump boxes in the locksmith business proves to be a game-changer in overcoming power challenges and ensuring efficient operations. With their reliability, versatility, and longevity, jump boxes stand out as a must-have tool for any locksmith service vehicle.

Portable Jump Starters
Portable Jump Starters for Automotive Locksmiths


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