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Product Review: Schlage Electronic Combination Lock

Product Review: Schlage Electronic Combination Lock.

Technology has changed the way we see things and the way that mankind operates. It has been integrated into virtually all the parts of our lives that we no longer notice when we use central lock systems on our cars or drive automatic cars. We no longer notice things like LCD televisions and colour quality or under water cameras. Home security devices have also been affected by this advancement in technological improvement. Previously, people relied more on traditional locks and home alarm systems and it suffices to say that these have worked fine for the larger part of their time. However, it is important to note that home electronic systems are fast taking over from the standard home security devices. One of the industry leaders in this regard is the Schlage electronic locking devices. These devices come with a  number of advantages that include:

  • A remote locking system that allows you to lock your home when you are away from your residence.
  • A home automation feature that works by disarming or arming your home alarm system by simply either unlocking or locking your door.
  • Text support systems that sends alerts to your phone or computer in case someone leaves or enters your home.
  • The ability to give your guests and service personnel temporary access codes.
  • Opportunities to set up more than one automatic lock time each day.
  • The ability to connect with Honeywell Total Connect services.
  • Control your lock through your .

The Schlage Keypad Cam Residential Electronic Door Lever is one of the higher end electronic home security devices. Over time, it has come to be associated with a level of convenience rarely seen and durability. To start with, this system is designed with a metallic exterior that can be used on doors of all types. The Schlage Keypad Cam Residential Electronic Door Lever offers the users an opportunity to use a pre-set 6-digit unique programming code in addition to a couple of unique 4-digit pre-set user codes. The system also provides you with an opportunity to configure 19 codes with 10,000 user code combinations on offer. What makes it betters is that all these apparently complex programming can be done simply from the keypad. These locks are powered with a 9-volt battery that will serve you well for three or more years.

Using the Honeywell Total Connect services integration users are no longer need to care about whom they have given their keys to when they are not around. By simply connecting to, users can access their accounts either from  the PCs or the iPhones. 


Here is a video overview of the Schlage Touchscreen Deadbolt

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