RANE and GuideSpark Launch Workplace Civility and Anti-Harassment Training

Collaborate to Develop Campaign-Based Program to Effect Positive Culture Change

NEW YORK, Oct. 01, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — RANE (Risk Assistance Network + Exchange) and GuideSpark today announced the launch of a new Workplace Civility and Anti-Harassment training program designed to help human resources and compliance professionals make real changes to corporate culture.

Human capital management has hit a watershed moment, where a hostile workplace environment is no longer acceptable or tolerated, and the risks to companies for not acting are many – reputational, financial, and legal, among others. As a result, companies are now focused on fostering a positive work environment for all employees.

“Companies are looking to move beyond the traditional, check-the-box approach to harassment compliance and training,” said Steve Roycroft, CEO of RANE. “We’re excited to collaborate with GuideSpark to bring a new approach to market for companies looking to effect true behavior change in their organizations.”

The RANE/GuideSpark program combines content from subject matter experts in the RANE community with innovative technology proven to drive employee engagement, resulting in a program that transforms the way organizations deliver anti-harassment training to their employees:

  • Research-based training: the program focuses on reinforcing positive behaviors that foster a culture of workplace civility and provides learnings on what to do rather than simply what not to do.
  • Multi-dimensional approach: the training leverages videos, infographics, and interactive digital communications to deliver key messages around anti-harassment and workplace civility.
  • Ongoing education and reinforcement: the solution is not a point-in-time effort but rather an ongoing campaign designed to affect behavior change over time, with modules that inspire, educate, and reinforce positive workplace messages.

“Traditional training programs by themselves have proven to be less than effective,” said Keith Kitani, Co-Founder and CEO of GuideSpark. “We’ve developed a next generation employee communication solution that leverages GuideSpark’s experience in reaching and engaging diverse workforces and RANE’s expertise in content deeply grounded in behavioral science.”

The program is configurable, providing companies with an online dashboard to pick and choose which modules they want included and when they want them delivered, with robust tracking reports on usage, engagement, and activity.

The launch of the program will coincide with a webinar taking place on October 4, 2018:  “Addressing Behavior Risk: Best Practices for Fostering a Positive Work Environment.” Experts from RANE’s network will provide their insights on how companies can cultivate and reinforce behaviors to effect positive change in the workplace. Those interested in attending can email events@ranenetwork.com for registration information.

About RANE
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About GuideSpark
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