Rekeying or Changing Locks (House, Condo or Business)

At Mr. Locksmith last night I did several emergency locksmith calls in Vancouver and Downtown Vancouver. One was customers’ purse was stolen at work with all her identification and house keys. The other customer wanted to change their locks because a former spouse still had keys to the house.

I receive many telephone calls from people who think they need new locks. However, most locks, key in knobs or deadbolts if they are in good condition can be rekeyed. Rekeying your locks is less expensive than replacing your locks with new locks. Rekeying your existing locks will only take a few minutes per lock and the old keys will no longer open the lock. You should rekey your house or condo immediately when you move into your new place or business. You do not know who has keys.

Many Break & Enters we attend are a result of someone having a key and just opening the door. No sign of entry and usually no insurance coverage (check your insurance policies).

At 24 Hour Mr. Locksmith we only charge $95.00(+ tax) to rekey your regular house or business deadbolts locks or store front locks. Also, we supply you with Five (5) Free keys. *(1-2 Locks, $20 for each additional lock).

In future Mr. Locksmith Blogs I will discuss the new customer rekeyable locks from Weiser and Kwikset and why you should not use these deadbolts for your house or condo (Note: Our locksmiths can open them in seconds). Also, it will not be long before the information is available on the internet for burglars and thieves to defeat (Break & Enter) these locks on your house.


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