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Should the Lowest Bidder Be Trusted With Your Family’s Safety?

This is a fair statement when you consider the number of cheap locks available online and in stores. As a locksmith and a professional in home security, I’ve seen many examples that prove purchasing a cheap lock for your home is very dangerous. If you search Google, you’ll discover dozens of locksmiths in your hometown offering you cheap hardware to secure your home environment.

As a local locksmith I’m often asked to meet the prices of a competitor, and yet when it comes to home security I have to ask, “Why would you want the cheapest lock, when protecting your home and family?”

As a professional, it’s my job to help you choose the right locks for you home so your family is protected. Any locksmith you hire should be checked with your local police force to ensure they have a clean record; as I do!

As a homeowner, do you really want a lock on your home that’s easily tampered with, or can be kicked open in a matter of seconds? I’ll offer you choices for the best protection for your home, ensure that it’s professionally installed and guarantee my work. I want you and your home to have the best protection possible, especially today when home break-ins are at an all-time high.

People often tell me that they have a top-of-the-line home alarm system, which is great, but you need to understand that this does not prevent burglars from entering your home. Response time from police, if you get to call them, can give them enough time to traumatize you and your family, and grab what they can. Most burglars have cased your home and know exactly what the police response time is. Unfortunately today, due to false alarms, even your neighbours may ignore your alarm.

Your first line of defence in home security should always be the locks on your door, and the alarm system second. This adds a double layer of security for you and your family.

Today, especially with high crime levels in all areas, we’re all questioning the security of our homes. We’ve seen neighbours, who are more concerned about the cost of installing security systems and locks, and not thinking in terms of making their home as safe as possible. The lowest bid is often the least secure one for your home.

When you make a call to a locksmith, let them guide you in the right choice for your home. If you budget is limited, they can still advice you on what is the best protection for your home, and stay within your budget. They’re happy to work with you and explain all the different types of locks to choose from.

A professional locksmith not only knows his business, he’s also a professional when it comes to installing the locks correctly, and with the proper equipment. The adage of, you get what you pay for, it very true when it comes to securing your residence.

The next time you need to purchase a lock for your home, consult and work with a professional. They’ll ensure you get the lock you need, which will keep your family and home safe, and ensure that it’s installed correctly.


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